Friday, February 16, 2018

Tyler the dating man!!!

 I'm finding that parenting teenagers is like a crazy roller coaster ride.  Ups and downs...and I sure love all the UPS!!  Tyler and his friend organized a fun double date today.  They spent the morning playing tennis in a wind storm (seriously, so windy), and then back to our house to make pizzas and play games.
Cute dates!!!

Pretty sure they were all rolling their eyes at me at taking pictures!!  It's for The Blog!!!

Love is in the air

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day!  It was nice to have everyone home for the evening and we even got to share our special dinner with the missionaries!

I woke up to these beautiful roses and a love note from my Lover and then Chloe surprised me with this heart shaped egg sandwich and smoothie.  Nice having kids that cook for you every once in awhile!

I did Chloe's hair all cute in the morning!

From 11 am until 8 pm I was in the kitchen...not just for Valentine's dinner food but also some mass cooking for our upcoming trip to Spokane.  I think the chocolate dipped strawberries are my favorite to make!

Not to boast...but our dinner this year was incredible!  We had coconut rice, chicken cordon bleu, strawberries salad with mixed greens, and garlic homemade rolls.  AMAZING!!

I think we all had to unbutton our pants by the end of the meal!!
I sure feel blessed to be loved and to have people to love!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sweet Moments

Emily and I just took a spontaneous trip to see Grandma in her new home in Corvallis. We ended up surprising my parents.  Emily thought I told them we were coming and I thought she told them -- we decided in the end it would be fun to just show up.  And boy was it an awesome surprise!!  They weren't home when we arrived so imagine their surprise when they got home to see a car in their driveway and lights on in the house.

Grandma has had some rough days recently and we wanted to make sure we got to see her at least one last time.   It was a treasured weekend and I'll never forget the special times I have shared with Grandma these past few months.  

She is living in a beautiful new home that just opened -- like Grandma is there first resident. I want to move there in like forty years!!!  One thing that I thought was so awesome was the amazing meals that the resident caregiver cooks every day -- seriously, like german pancakes for breakfast, seared and slow cooked pork chops for lunch, stuffed pepper casserole for dinner.  Then she grinds up Grandma's for her so she can easily eat and swallow it all.  

Can I just throw in that I was kind of fun to be pampered by my parents too!!  I can't remember the last time I had a trip to see my parents with no kids!!  It was heavenly!  They took Emily and I out for lunch and we stayed up late watching a movie!  Plus, we got to spend time with Seth and Caroline's family (they made the most delicious ribs for us!!)

My parents are enjoying all the time they are able to spend with Grandma!!  

Isn't the home beautiful!  There are currently two people living there but at top capacity it will house five residents.

Grandma sleeps A LOT lately!!

Without being able to really communicate anymore with Grandma there is lots of hand holding time!

Love you Grandma!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Rockin' Through the Decades! Daddy/Daughter Dance

I am pretty sure the annual Daddy/Daughter dance is Chloe's favorite day of the year...well, next to her birthday.  This year was a little different because I took a spontaneous trip to Corvallis to see my Grandma as we thought she might pass away soon.  So Alysee was the beautician and make-up artist.  Chloe was sad that I didn't make a corsage for her to wear before I left.  Alysee has outgrown the dance but did enjoy going to dinner with everyone.

Chloe and her lucky date

Mila, Sage, and Hazel all dressed up 50's for the dance and Alysee did their hair.

Getting ready for their amazing dinner at Zesta Cucina.

The beautiful ladies
The whole night was a success!  Chloe loved all the games at the dance and the one-on-one time with her daddy!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Oh the places you'll go...

Our family was lucky to host the Young Women's Annual Winter Camp recently.  In previous years winter camp has always been at Camp Z's lodge but we needed to save some money this year to put toward our upcoming YW High Adventure Trip this summer so we decided to keep it local.  The Maimaids/Beehives were in charge of the weekend and they had so much fun putting it altogether.  Everyone split up into four groups: decorations, activities, evening fireside, and food.  It was so fun to see all the girls be so excited about what they were planning.

Alysee and one of the other girls designed the invitations and decorations:

Alysee and one of the other YW painted several awesome signs!!

Two girls did the food - and can I just say they did an amazing job!!!  We had homemade red sauce from scratch, homemade meatballs, grilled chicken, homemade alfredo sauce, french bread, and Cesar salad.

One of the fun activities that the Activities committee planned was a WhoVille Hair contest!

The YW all signed up to bring various food items for our massive snack table!

Cat n' the Hat

After the wonderful fireside about having "Peace in Christ" the young women all enjoyed watching "The Lorax," lounging around, or getting gel nails done.
I designed this poster from a quote that was recently shared with me.

The next morning we had Green Eggs n' Ham - actually we had a fun omelet bar, costco muffins, and juice.  Then we were off on our photo scavenger hunt.

The whole weekend was a success!!!  The girls had tons of fun (and little sleep) and it was fun to interact with everyone in a more relaxed setting!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Cooper's first snow campout!!!

Cooper has been working toward his Trail to First Class this past year.  With his birthday fast approaching in May we have been eager for him to get in a few scout campouts in so he can pass off more requirements. 

Birch is the best and arranged this whole campout out with the other two boy's dads.  Cooper was awfully grouchy about the whole campout but SURPRISE -- he ended up loving it!!
Connor Johnson, Heber Johnon, Cooper at Camp Getaway!

Cooper was in charge of fixing dinner for the group.  He made stir-fry ramen noodles and grapes.  Dinner for kings! 

We hadn't had hardly any snow this year so it was pretty exciting when the boys woke up to find four inches of heavy wet snow fell during the night.

Connor made pancakes and bacon for breakfast for the group!


Fun rope swing!

Ahhh....campfire warmth

Poor Connor was hurt from a basketball injury.


Camp Getaway has a fun obstacle course that all the boys had fun attempting in their snow boots!


I think my favorite part of the boy's scouting experience is just the fact that Birch has been able to make so many memories with each son.