Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Breath of Heaven

This is a gorgeous rendition of Amy Grant's song "Breath of Heaven" put to a short video made by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was excited to find this; it was prepared by Kerrianne Burch.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vote for best kid's nativity

Last week wrapped up our big Nativity and Christmas Musical event that I was involved in. Since I have been thinking "nativity" for several months now I have been keeping my eyes out for good kids sets; ones that they can play with and you don't have to get all nervous.

Two years ago my mom gave the kids the Little People Nativity Set (runs about $25). I would HIGHLY recommend adding it to your collection. The one below is the deluxe version--we don't have that one. Ours did not come with the lighted star, palm tree, donkey pulling the cart, or the hay troff but it has everything else.

This year I ran into a GREAT set at Target (it was just in the toys section with the other Playmobil stuff). It is the Playmobil Nativity Set (runs about $17). Last night we opened the box and read the book that comes with it. It takes you through the nativity story and has you put together the pieces (ie. the robe for Joseph, the turban for the wiseman, the saddle for the donkey, etc...). The kids seem to have LOVED each minute putting it together. I was laying on the couch while Birch reading the book and I ended up following asleep, opps. So it was a great evening for everyone : )

Anyway, so those are my recommendations. I think for kids under two the Little People set is ideal because it doesn't have any small pieces. But for anyone older kids the Playmobil set is awesome. It has lots of pieces to put together and play with. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Sledding Fun

As I am sitting her downing a bag of Costco Sugar Snap Peas reading others blogs I was thinking that maybe I should post a couple of more pictures of the kids from last weekend. Our snow is pretty much all gone now and replaced with mud; certainly not as fun to play in. Birch has been busy with dress rehearsals and now actually preforming for the Nativity Exhibit and Christmas program. We haven't gotten to see him yet but I am planning on taking the kids to see the matinée performance tomorrow morning. Tonight the kids and I will lay low and watch a new Christmas movie that I got today.

So here are some fun pictures from last weekend:Alex
Nate-the true sledding die-hard!
Nate-I know this isn't a great shot but I wanted to share the jump that the boys made. Nate loved getting air.Alex taking Coop on his first sled ride.
Cute Coop (note: since mommy hides inside during the cold weather this was Coop's first time experiencing the snow. He loved having Daddy home so he could experience what it was like.)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Just can't keep this to myself

I just got a call from my little brother Seth announcing that Thomas Thales Sherry was born this morning. I'm so excited for them!!!!! I'm not sure Tommy T. could be any cuter. Check out that fuzzy black hair--LOVE IT!! I can't wait to hold him. Doesn't Caroline look terrific after a loooooong grueling labor?!!! They are going to be such wonderful parents.
Tommy T. was 7 pounds 13 oz and 20" long

Friday, November 30, 2007

Winter Wonderland

The kids have been begging to decorate for Christmas since we put away our Halloween decorations. Sunday and Monday evening we pulled out the Christmas music and enjoyed the evenings decorating.
This picture isn't that great but I thought it was cute to show how all the kids relish this time of year.Following my parent's tradition we give our kids an ornament every year. This year (actually I always buy them at the previous year's clearance sale) I knew we were going to go to New Hampshire. These ornaments were just perfect to remember our family fun that we had at Rockywold-Deephaven Camps. When Alysee opened hers she yelled "Oh yeah, a life jacket for my Barbie!"
Coop loves taking the ornaments on and off of the tree. Sounds like a normal eighteen month old.
Yesterday we woke up to six inches of snow. The kids were up at 5 am begging to go sledding. By the time school started (it was delayed two hours) they had already put in about three hours of sledding and making this great snowman.
I ventured out ONCE to take this picture. I am a Hawaii girl--not a snow girl. Birch will have to be the one to get the shots of the kids sledding.
Snow AngelsIf you look closely at Alex's mouth you can see what he wants for Christmas this year--his TWO FRONT TEETH (plus a couple on the bottom too).

Thanksgiving Fun

I should have posted this earlier this week. We had a great Thanksgiving. We were blessed to have Birch's mom, youngest brother Andrew, my Grandma and her husband Rudy, and my cousin Karl for the weekend join us.

Birch and Andrew had a fun turkey-bowl game in the morning. About 10:00 am the missionaries arrived and we ate TONS of tasty appetizers for two hours and played games. The afternoon was relaxing. By 6:00 pm we were hungry for dinner and finished the final preparations to our Thanksgiving feast. We were a bit non-traditional with having a marinated grilled turkey breast for our meat. It was all super yummy.Our Thanksgiving feast. The kids favorite part was the Italian Sodas.Coop loved helping Birch rake leaves Thanksgiving afternoon.
My grandma is such a crack up!! She hadn't come prepared for the cold weather that we were experiencing so she went in and found this "hat" to wear. Look more like a custom wig? She was totally serious. Luckily Birch found a hat for her to wear before she went on her walk.
My cousin Karl lives in Victoria, BC. We haven't seen much of each other for the past ten+ years. Until recently he was serving in the US military. As you can tell the kids had a great time getting to know him.
The post-Thanksgiving crowd.
Karl and Coop

Kitchen Finale

I've wanted to take a picture of how the kitchen turned out but getting the kitchen all presentable during daylight has been a challenge.

The hardwood proved to be quite the undertaking. Birch did a good chunk of the work. We ended up putting a water-based finish on since it is non-toxic. Not sure how we feel about that finish now--it scratches SUPER easy. At least we know how to refinish it in the future when the kids all move out! Birch sanding the finished maple hardwood floor.Quartz/Granite sink with oil-rubbed bronze fixtures.Walnut Travertine Backsplash with mushroom colored grout.Deepstar Agate Wilsonart Laminate countertop with hardwood edging and oil-rubbed bronze handles and knobs.

It was a huge undertaking and I am not sure that I could do it again anytime too soon. We LOVE the final outcome!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Road to Eternity

Eleven years ago today we began the road to eternity together. We have experienced much over the years and have grown to love each other even more than we thought possible. Love is amazing!
Our engagement 1996.Wedding Day at Portland, Oregon Temple November 27, 1996.
The love flame keeps on burning-September 2007.

We will celebrate quietly tonight (seeing how lately I fall asleep by 8pm). We struck a deal with the kids that they would go to bed early tonight in exchange for us enjoying some quiet take out and then on Friday we would take the kids to the Yakima Sun Kings Basketball game. Aren't we the wheelin' dealers!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Our little jelly bean-9 weeks gestation

I just got back from my first "real" appointment at the doctor's office. Thankfully everything looks great! Our little baby is the size of a jelly bean but even in this 3D ultrasound picture you can make out the little arms and legs. This is a face on picture.
The nausea and throwing up comes and goes. I have had several hours of feeling good in the past few days; possibly it could be the amount of food that was consumed at our house while we entertained. The official due date is June 28th! We'll have our more thorough ultrasound done at 16 weeks gestation. Hearing that heartbeat is always so comforting!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


After the kids caught me losing my oreo cookie ice cream sandwich in the toilet yesterday, we decided it was time to let the good news out. Alex figured it out last week when he spotted me wearing my blue Sea-bands. He blurted out, "Are you pregnant?" Guess he remembered from last time when I wore the bands--desperate for anything to help with the nastiness.

So this is the earliest we have ever shared the expected news but if the kids know there is no sense trying to keep it down low. I'm just eight weeks prego -- the end of June will make us a pack of "sixlets!"

Monday, November 12, 2007

Kitchen Demo Part III

We didn't waste anytime this past weekend. My parent's arrived Friday night and we spent the evening washing down the cupboards in preparation for rejuvenating them on Saturday.
Saturday we grouted and sealed the tile. It wasn't really a hard job--but it was quite time consuming. The kids all were such a great help.My dad and Birch put together the new sink.We were short a couple of parts so we didn't end up having a working sink and dishwasher until Monday morning--OH BLESSED DAY!!
My mom was busy sanding, organizing, putting on new cabinet knobs, entertaining the kids, etc...
Monday Birch and the gentleman that we hired to do the countertops started on the hardwood floor in the kitchen. Birch worked from 5 AM until 10:30 PM yesterday. We are about half way done laying the floor. Hopefully by tomorrow the floors will be sanded and ready to seal. We are also having the maple hallway refinished.
So it is chaos at our house! The kitchen island is the in the living room with all the hardwood, couches, dining room table, etc... The fridge is on the front porch. The kids are all being really patient and helpful and mom is trying to do the same. I love everything so far!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Kitchen Demo Part II

I'm not sure how many "parts" this kitchen demo segment is going to have but I am hoping not too many more. We have been working hard this week. I think everything takes at least ten times longer when you add kids, work, colds, and life into a remodel. I am STILL without a sink and stove top but boy does our new backsplash look awesome.
Tuesday Alex and I hauled in 22 boxes of unfinished maple hardwood for the new kitchen floor. We were both exhausted by the end. It took us about an hour and half.
Monday Birch and I started tiling the backsplash. We've spent several late nights since then doing the finishing touches.Coop is displaying the almost finished backsplash. Since this picture was taken we have totally finished tiling and tonight we will do the grout work. We are planning on using a trick I read online--put the grout in a frosting bag so the grout does not get in all the crevasse's that are naturally in the travertine tile. The countertops are just about done. The wood trim work still needs to be stained but supposable that is supposed to happen today. The clock is ticking...

My parents are on their way here right now. We will grout tonight and then spend tomorrow rejuvenating the cabinets with some stain and new knobs. Monday Birch and another hired man will start in on the hardwood floor. I CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE THIS PROJECT COMPLETED! Patience!!! I hoping that that sink and stove will go in tomorrow so I can at least run the dishwasher once before we are banned from the kitchen while the flooring is being done. By Thanksgiving we should have a beautiful kitchen!

A Blast at Raptor Reef

We had a great trip to Spokane this past weekend. Friday was spent at Raptor Reef, an indoor waterpark. We took the kids last year and had the best time. This year there were a few more families but we still never had to wait in a line for any of the slides. Brent (Birch's brother) and Deena's family joined us. The kids all had a great time playing with their cousins. Andrew also enjoyed a day off of work and the kids had a great time horsing around with him.Alex enjoying the life...he LOVED all the slides this year and went non-stop the whole day.
Nate, Jacob and Malia (cousins), Alex, and Alysee on kids waterplay area.
Alysee and Mom
Birch and Coop
Tyler crusin' down a waterslide