Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Birch's Extreme Snowshoeing Adventure

Last Monday Birch went with a fellow co-worker snowshoeing about an hour away from our house. As you can tell he had a blast! I, on the other hand, enjoyed staying cozy warm in our house.

Good Deal Alert!!

Live close to a Walgreens?? This week they are having several buy one get one free offers. The one that I was most excited about and bought ten bottles of is their WAL-BORNE (their brand of Airborne). It is $4.99 for two bottles. Sale ends Saturday!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Let me introduce you to the Ditto Family

This is my husband, Kenneth Birch Ditto. He has always gone by Birch since his dad's name is Ken. Birch is just a tad (three years) over the mature age of 30. Birch served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Portugal. Upon returning from his mission he changed his major from engineering to general science because he had decided that he wanted to grow-up to be a physical therapist. Then we met and got married in November 1996 and the summer of 1998 we were off to pursue his career by attending the physical therapy program at the University of Montana in Missoula, MT. Two years later Birch landed his first job at a non-profit hospital in Yakima, WA where he was an outpatient physical therapist. Almost two years ago Birch was approached by another physical therapist that was just starting his own orthopedic outpatient practice and wanted Birch to join him. The timing was perfect and the job as been great. Birch loves his job, his wife (I think that is safe to say), his kids, being with his family (especially their annual All-brother's Hike), really diving into the scriptures, running on his days off, riding his bike to work (well he doesn't always love that), and going to bed at 10:00 pm.
This is me, Sara Spring Ditto. I am just one hair over 30 years old and a mother of five children. At church this past Sunday a teacher asked us to reflect what we have spent our time doing this past week. I would say being a mother of five kids with the oldest being eight years old pretty much sums up what I did last week (and every week). I cook, I clean, I clean, I clean, I check my email, I check my email, I read children's books, I talk on the phone, I play barbies, I drive places, I take kids to the doctor, I grocery shop, I change diapers, I clean up potty, I do laundry, I watch other people's kids, I do stuff with my church callings, I look at the sale ads, I cook, REPEAT... That is about my life. Here and there I have thrown in a few things like go on dates with my husband, learn how to make simple jewelry, or read a good book. I don't know what I would do without a husband that is such a GREAT dad and husband to me!!! The times when the kids shout "Your the best mom ever" sure makes it all worth it!!!
Alex McLean Ditto is eight and half years old. He is in third grade and attends the same elementary school as Tyler. Alex is a really cool kid. He seems to be a magnet for other kids and is always surrounded by many. The past two years have been eventful for Alex since he has undergone five major surgeries to reconstruct his outer and inner ear. Alex's favorite things to do are: read, ride his bike, play ANY sport, build neat things with legos, do anything with his dad, have movie/pizza night, and play with his family.
This is Tyler Jackson Ditto. He is six and half years old and attends all-day kindergarten. This year has been amazing for Birch and I to watch Tyler. Tyler has really taken off with learning to read in the past few months (we were a little nervous) and his penmanship and drawing abilities are terrific. Tyler has a fun personality, quite the sweet tooth (which is turning expensive for us as in a couple of weeks he will get his first two cavities filled), loves his siblings, playing legos, and riding his bike.
Alysee Grace Ditto is four and half years old and is really excited about her upcoming birthday (though she still has several months to wait). She does NOT have naturally curly hair, though her mom likes to pretend that she does, therefore Alysee sleeps in buns several times a week to give her the curly effect the following day. Alysee is a ball of fire. She is a petite little girl but has BIG ideas. She enjoys being in control of things (now where did that trait come from?). Alysee has been attending preschool three afternoons a week and it has been heaven for all!! Alysee loves playing primary and school, eating candy (though she is quite the good saver), chewing gum, drawing pictures of cute girls with earrings, taking care of Cooper (which is not always so helpful), collecting little things and then stashing them in her room, and playing with her brothers.
Nathan Chapman Ditto is two years old (just about three). Oh my, what do I say about NateDog. He is always on the go and loves to be in the center of everything. He has a great puppy dog sad face that unfortunately doesn't work too well on his parents. I think Nate's favorite thing would be anything that involved his Daddy. Now Nate loves me, but I could never take the place of his dad. Nate is really good at saying "sorry" which he finds reason to say multiple times a day. He loves doing just about anything with his family, eating snacks and watching a movie (though he only lasts for a few minutes), playing legos, hording lego guys from his brothers, and taking baths.
Cooper Kenneth Ditto was born on May 16th. He is now eight months old and is quite the delight. He spent his first four months of life crying. We tried gripe water, front packs, tummy sleeping, fresh air, etc...but I guess it just took him four months to realize that this is the family he was stuck with and so he better start getting used to it! Cooper is well-loved by his siblings. I am sure that sometimes he wishes that they (especially Alysee and Nate) would give him a little more personal space. I have just about weaned him--which both of us seem to be fine with. Coop loves formula, bread, cherrios, gerber puffs, and pancakes.


Alex and Tyler have ALWAYS had a close relationship! For Christmas Santa brought them each sleds that they both had been dying for. The only thing we have been missing since Christmas is SNOW!! They have had a couple of opportunties to give their sleds a whirl. Boy, do they love them!

Blue-eyed Baby

Coop is now eight months old. He has beautiful eyes and is just on the verge of crawling.

A new chapter of my life...

After years of wanting to have a high speed internet connection--I have finally arrived!! For weeks I have been comparing each choice for service and have decided that Quest will work just great for our family. The night Birch and I converted our connection I had dreams all night of all the fun I was going to have the next day!