Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Family Campout at Camp Z

This past weekend we went as a family to Camp Zarahemla (a camp area owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.) I guess it wasn't really true camping but I've come to recognize that I actually don't love to camp that much (ie. tent, being cold, being dirty, squatting, and eating instant oatmeal). So instead of getting a tent site we stayed in one of the cabins for a whopping $30.00.
Yes, the kids are all laying back on a comfy futon getting ready to eat Papa Murphy's pizza while watching Land Before Time XII - The Time of the Flyer's. Again, my kind of camping. The cabin wasn't really fancy but it did have a bunk bed (w/ mattresses), a queen bed (w/ a pillow top mattress), futon, running water in sink, oven, microwave, and table. We still had to trek to the bathroom but that was doable.
The next morning it was chilly but nice enough to walk around some trails by Clear Lake. We played several games to help pass off some of Alex's cub scout electives.
We had a great time together and I am glad that I did decide to come after all. Birch and I had a greater appreciation for those that live in one room houses--no privacy, no quiet time, no sleeping in.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Additional good savings

So in addition to the good deals that Albertsons is already having if you go to the below websites and simply join you can print coupons for almost every item that is on sale. Each site will only let you print like two or three copies of each coupon so if you register at each site you can get lots of coupons. Just print the coupons and take them to Albertsons--

Even a coupon for Buy One Get One Free 28oz Slurpee from

Also, I forgot to add in my last post that Albertsons is also having a milk deal. If you buy 3 boxes of any Kelloggs cereal (which are on sale for $1.50 this week) you get a gallon of FREE milk.

If you go to you can print a $1.00 off coupon for Wheaties. That makes your cereal .20 cents. Can't beat that!!

Good Deal Alert!!

Good Deal Alert at Albertsons!!
You buy ten items for $15.00 and then you get and extra $3.00 off instantly (w/ your preferred savings card). Ends up being $1.20/item. Sale ends this next Tuesday (March 27th)!!
Some items include:
-Selected cereals (Wheaties (18 oz), Cherrios. Trix, Golden Grahams, Nature Valley cereal, Disney cereal, Kix)
-Betty Crocker Angel Food cake mix
-Pillsbury Toaster Strudels
-Betty Crocker muffin mixes (really quite tasty)
-Chex Mix Snack mix
-Toaster strudels or scrambles
-Progresso Rich and Hearty Soups
-Yoplait yogurt 6-pack
-Betty Crocker Brownie Mix (this includes triple chuck and peanut butter chip)
-Pillsbury Pie Crusts
-Pillsbury Dinner rolls or biscuits
-Pillsbury Grands! Cinnamon rolls
-Old El Paso taco shells
-8th Continent soymilk
-Green Giant Vegetable Boxed veggies

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What's the weather?

Seems like lately we are all wondering "what's the weather" going to be like today. Alysee has a cute song that she learned at preschool that she wanted to share.

Click here to hear the song!

Tyler - 6.5 years old

Just wanted to share how awesome Tyler is with everyone. Tyler has really surprised us this year with how well he is reading and writing. He has really done a great job listening to his teacher and has benefited from all-day kindergarten. Tyler and Alex's elementary school has been participating in a Nationwide running program for the past couple of years. Each day the kids run for 15 minutes and then once a week they have the opportunity to run for their lunchtime recess. Tyler has really taken on this challenge and runs nearly two miles each week during that recess. I think he might end up being our track star!

Here is a recent journal entry that Tyler wrote at school. He had just returned from having fillings done for the first time.

"I went to the dentist. It is hard. A funny nose was on me. I was the best patient." The rest of the sentences were ones that the teacher told the kids to write.

Happy 3rd Birthday Nate!!

I am a little late posting these pictures, seeing that Nathan turned three years old last Monday, March 12th!! He had a great day. For breakfast I had bought LEGO egos (though he was so excited that his birthday had finally arrived he didn't eat much), then we were off to Toys R' Us where Nate got to use his $3.00 birthday money to buy Lighting McQueen (from the Cars movie), went to a pet store to look at animals, had lunch at Burger King, then in the afternoon Nate (and the rest of the kids and Birch) joined Alex and I at Cub Scouts to clean up trash at the elementary school and play a game of kick ball, then a dinner of chicken nuggets, present opening and finally we ate Mator the truck cake. (side note: You can tell that I am not much of a cake maker--but Nate thought it was cool and that is what counts)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

This hit the spot

We just took this picture yesterday after coming home from being professionally photographed. Seems like often we take better pictures than the big wigs.

I read this quote today and thought I would share. As I said, it hit the spot...

Choose to put yourself in a position to have experiences with the Spirit of God through prayer, in scripture study, at Church meetings, in your home, and through wholesome interactions with others.”

Elder Robert D. Hales, May Ensign 2006

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

I had this dish last night at a church function--so super yummy! She served it in a beautiful dish with sliced toasted bread. Such a yummy flavor and very simple!

Spaghetti alla Carbonara
(Gourmet Magazine)

1/2 lb bacon (or more, thick sliced)
1 medium onion, finely chopped
1/4 cup white wine (or chicken broth)
1 # spaghetti noodles, cooked
3 large eggs
3/4 Cup Parmigiano-Reggiano, finely grated
1/3 Cup Pecorino Romano, finely grated
1 tsp salt
1 tsp cracked black pepper

Brown bacon in pan, then add onions and cook till medium brown (pan will get dark on bottom but don't worry). Add wine (or broth) to deglaze the pan, boil, reducing liquid in 1/2.

Cook spaghetti in salted water till al dente.

In large mixing bowl whisk together eggs, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, salt and pepper. Add bacon mixture to this and whisk in.

Drain spaghetti and while hot add to egg/bacon mixture. Toss spagetti to coat (the hot pasta cooks the eggs slightly).

*I added some parsley for color, and shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano on top. Another idea is to add red pepper flakes for some heat.

So true--it'll make you cry

My sister-in-law just shared this hilarious video clip with me!

It'll make you laugh and cry at the same time!

Click on "MOMMA RIDE" below to watch...


Thursday, March 8, 2007

White Bean Chicken Chili -- Yummo!

There are two ways to make this--the quick way and the slower cheaper way. The quick way you would use canned beans and diced up chicken breasts. The cheaper way you would cook the beans yourself and use a whole boiled chicken that would then need to be de-boned. I just did the cheaper lengthier method but it was worth the time.

Here is the quick method recipe:

2 T. Olive Oil
1 med. chopped onion
1 minced garlic clove
3 chicken breasts
9 oz. corn
2 cans Great Northern Beans (Navy beans)
7 oz. can green chilies
1/2 tsp. cumin
1/2 tsp. coriander (I didn't have any of this)
1/2 tsp. oregano
1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper
3 cups chicken broth
3 T. lime juice

Directions: Saute first four ingredients and then add the rest of the stuff in and heat for about 20 minutes.

Toppings: sliced limes, corn chips, sour cream, cheese, salsa

The lengthier method:
Dump about 16 oz. of dried Navy Beans into cold water. Bring to a boil for 2 minutes. Turn off heat. Then let sit for one hour. Next drain the beans and add the chicken broth and seasonings to your beans and cook for about two hours. Meanwhile, cook your whole chicken and de-bone. Once the beans are done cooking add the cooked diced chicken and corn. Serve w/ toppings.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A love song to me

A couple of weeks ago Birch and his boss sang at a church Valentine's event. The night's theme was "Around The World In Eighty Kisses" and was celebrating love internationally. We all got a kick out of Birch and his bosses' disguises as they sang a popular marachi love song called "Cielito Lindo."

The recording of Birch singing this song isn't the best, but I thought you would all enjoy a little culture.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What bugs me? (Yes, I know this is a little ironic with my last post being on whining)

1- People from India--okay, not really ALL people from India but all the ones that represent American customer service companies. I guess that means that what really bugs me is that Americans hire people from other countries (I actually got someone recently to admit to me that they were from New Delhi, India) to speak in their non-native tongue and try and help me with my problems. Currently I am bugged at United and Delta airlines frequent flier customer service!

2- Burping--it has ALWAYS bugged me and my kids can attest that I have no patience for burping!

3- A newly cleaned room/area that gets turned upside down in only moments after I leave to go start on the next room.

4- Being late! I hate it when I am late and think it is very rude. In addition, I really have no tolerance for doctor's offices (or really any office) that sets an appointment with you (and will charge you money if you do not show up) but they repetitively run behind schedule. Isn't my schedule as important as theirs?

5- People that are always telling you how busy they are--as if you are lucky to be getting a piece of their time. I know that I have done this on more than one occasion and I am working on it!

6- Calling your insurance company for clarification on a benefit or EOB, only to have a tape recorded message inform you prior to actually taking to a "live" person that the information you will soon be told by their customer service representatives may not be accurate. What is that?

7- Having a business woman try and take advantage of me because I have chosen the career of a stay-at-home mother and seem readily available (like I sit around and drink smoothies all day). For example--wanting me to watch her kids for FREE while she works for MONEY. I am all for an occasional favor but in general if she is getting paid, then I should get paid. I really don't care what I am getting paid--it is the principle that matters to me.

Okay, I think I have it all out of my system!

Friday, March 2, 2007


My mother-in-law has this quote in a little frame in her family room at her home. Last year I had a vinyl lettering addiction and I knew that I needed to have this quote in my home. After making the sign I hung it up over our dining room table windows--sure that my kids would all start eating their dinner and quit their complaining. The next morning Alex (our only child reader in the family) read the quote and then read it to the other kids. They all looked at me with a clueless expression. Guess they don't quite get it yet!

Isn't it true, though!