Monday, July 23, 2007

Still broke...but feelin' grateful

So yesterday at church I was feeling a little bit like poo. We were singing "Count your many blessings" and amongst the kid chaos I was touched with how blessed I am. So WHAA!, WHAA! about all the broken stuff.

Today I am feelin' grateful for...

-a husband that loves me...and SHOWS it
-a plethora of kids that make our home happy (usually)
-extended family that I enjoy being with
-music that touches my soul
-sunshine that warms my soul
-an education that I worked for and succeeded at
-my husband's job that allows us to live comfortable but also that he enjoys
-parents that taught me a young age how to save money
-having enough money that we can FIX all the broken stuff and still eat dinner tonight
-friends that keep me sane
-my new haircut that although is the same one I have been getting for the past few years still helps me feel beautiful
-a beautiful home in which we have made many happy memories
-opportunities to travel
-running water...I RELISH LOOOOOOOONG showers each morning
-living in America

The list goes on but it's time to get the kids ready for swim lessons. I am truly blessed!!! Might I mention that I am grateful that the new cooling system will be installed over the next two days. But until then...I am grateful!!!I am grateful for the times that I take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy my kids!


Emily and Ryan said...

That's a good reminder for us all to recognize how blessed we all are. I love that picture.

Nancy Clark said...

It's so easy to forget how great we have it, right? Thanks for sharing your list!

Cami said...

We sang that song in church yesterday to and had our lesson in Relief Society about gratitude. I need to be reminded about my many blessings and to show my gratitude for them. Thanks for the list and reminder. Glad you'll be cooling off soon.

Duludes said...

Well im grateful for the Ditto's! You guys are so amazing and bring great joy and blessing to many peoples lives. Im grateful that when Joel & I where first married we had good examples like the two of you to help pattern are future after. Thanks for all you do for us.

kg said...

Love this post Sara and this picture is my all time favorite of you ever...I hope it's blown up huge and hanging on your wall!!! I can't wait to see you, you always eminate goodness :)

meta said...

i love this picture - it captures the kind of person you are sara - super wonderful and fun!