Thursday, August 2, 2007

Another Ditto Reunion...having fun in the sun

This past weekend we spent a wonderful sunny weekend at Lake Cavanaugh (just north of Seattle) at a cabin that one of our sister-in-law's grandparents own. This is our third year that they have treated us to a perfect family reunion location. We couldn't have asked for better weather. We all now have pealing noses and tan bodies (well my arms are tan). We spent Thursday through Sunday laying around, hot tubbing, waterskiiing, wave running, playing games, watching movies, and eating. Sounds like the perfect reunion, huh?!

Birch's brother Kelly made this fun game called "Koob." Many hours were spent throwing batons at wood blocks. I never tried to figure out what the point of the game was but everyone who played loved it. (Our cabin is in the back--it easily sleeps all 24 of us)
ALL the kids loved going for rides in the boat while their dad's showed off waterskiiing. The daddy's started sneaking out in the mornings for early morning waterskiing without fourteen little children in tow.
This is how I spent most of my time--laying around reading and talking with my fabulous sister-in-laws. I made it through about half of my "Positive Parenting" book by Glenn L. Latham.
Alysee and Tyler spent most of their time in the hot tub. Note: they are wearing kid-size wet suits. This cabin is fully equipped with wet suits for all sizes. They were quite the fishes!
Nate's FAVORITE thing to do was go on rides with anyone on the wave runners. If Birch was ever talking a nap, Nate could be found trying to drag him out of bed or the lawn chair to go for a ride on "the things that go fast."
Tyler loved the hot tub and going for rides on the boat.
Coop was just happy doing whatever he wanted to do. He loved going for boat rides, gooing at his baby cousins, eating corn on the cob, and playing on the teeter-totter.
Alex attempted being the first grandkid on water skis. I am sure that Birch's dad was watching from heaven as Alex dared the water. Birch used all his tips from his dad to instruct Alex. This is Alex on his second try. He was so close to making it all the way up. Uncle Brenty was right at hand on the wave runner to pick Alex up when he started inhaling water. Alex was a little unsure of trying again and again and again--but all the uncles kept encouraging him.Alex decided that three times trying was enough for him this year. I think next year he will give it another try. He sure likes feeling like he was part of the cool uncles waterskii club.
Alysee enjoyed being with her cousins, going for boat rides, and swimming in the hot tub.
Even though waterskiing has become a once a year sport for Birch -- he hasn't lost his touch! He got to ski until his arms ached and he couldn't hold onto the rope any longer.

It was a great reunion and we all can't wait until next year!!! It sure is wonderful to be part of such an AWESOME family!!


kg said...

Wow, 14 kids I'm sure the cousins were in heaven! Looks like a great time, soundls like so much fun! Love the picture of Coop in the white and Alysee on the boat :)

Cami said...

Love having such great memories with cousins. My kids can't stop taking about going back to the lake with their cousins. Looks like such a great time for everyone.

Leah said...

That does sound like an awesome family reunion! How sweet is that picture of Coopy!

Emily and Ryan said...

I've been anxiously your post! I agree, that's the best picture of Cooper. He looks like he could be on the set of Little House on the Prairie.

Sounds like a great time and I'm so excited to see you guys soon in NH. No boat but we've got I bet you didn't square dance at that cabin!

Jared and Heidi said...

Water skiing is so much fun. Love the pictures.


meta said...

so so so fun!!! i'm really missin' family and reunions right now.

Matt's Blog said...

Wow...looks like the perfect vacation. I'm wondering if it was a so called "family-reunion" why there was no invite for others in your family....

KimiK said...

How fun! Love the pictures. What a beautiful place.

Cami said...

I meant to tell you about a Swedish neighbor we had in our first house. he tauhgt us a game called Kubb. It looked like the game Kelly was playing. It is a fun game. Thanks for reminding us of it.