Friday, September 28, 2007

First day of 2007-2008 School Year

The three kids ready to the start the new school year.Alex is in Fourth Grade this year and Tyler is in First Grade. Alex has had a bit of an adjustment this year with having a teacher that is "all business," doesn't leave much time for smiling, and sends homework home almost daily. He has adapted well and seems to be excelling. Tyler has an AWESOME teacher who is full of spunk. Tyler remarked after the first day that he was surprised that his teacher was "so pretty and fun." Imagine that!!Can you believe it? Alysee started kindergarten this year! It has taken a little bit for her to adjust. Not being a morning girl, I've had to wake her up almost every day and hope that she woke up on the right side of the bed. Know what I mean? She is in an all-day program and learning so much. She has been a little overwhelmed with all she is expected to learn/know but overall she really is enjoy it. Tyler has been such a wonderful big brother and has been "protecting" her from all the big kids at recess. Alysee is such a petite girl and seems to have had several bigger boys that enjoy taunting her. She is learning how to ignore boys...a good thing to learn at this age : )

Nate and Coop love having daddy home with JUST THEM on his day off on Mondays. They have had several fun games of ping pong, mowing the lawn together, and doing house projects.

Is it bad to say that I am enjoying the new school year too? It has been so nice to just take the two younger kids to the library, out for lunch, storytime, visits to daddy's work, grocery shopping, etc... I feel like I am on a date each day with them.


Leah said...

Alysee is so cute. I think she is learning a great lesson that every girl should learn throughout life...ignore boys.

emily said...

Alysee's backpack is over 1/2 the length of her body- love it! Nice to see Alex and Tyler picked out their best t-shirts for the 1st day of school! :)

ENJOY only your 2 at home- you desreve it!

Cami said...

What fun! Have a great time with the two at home.