Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A snake, a kangaroo, a cow, an ice cream cone...the Central Washington State Fair

Nate, Cooper, and I took advantage of the sunny weather and some free tickets to the Central Washington State Fair. When the other kids got home from school they felt VERY ripped off but I reminded them that we are taking a family trip to an indoor waterpark in a couple of weeks instead of going to the fair together. That subsided the whines for a few minutes.

It was really quite pleasant taking the younger two. Not only was it a manageable outing to do on my own but we could also avoid the rides and spendy food with no complaints. Both boys LOVED seeing all the animals.Nate got to touch a big fat snake. There was such an assortment of animals outside of the farm realm that it made the afternoon even more fun.
Coop loved hanging out in the stroller, squealing with delight at all the animals, and his ride on a horse saddle.
My biggest excitement was finding the Darigold stand that actually sold an ice cream cone for .50 cents. I couldn't believe it! I had to thank them for offering such a tasty treat for such a reasonable price.

As a side note, I leave tomorrow early morning for a Girlfriend Retreat to Huntsville, Alabama. The gathering was planned almost a year ago so it is hard to believe that it is finally here. I'm so grateful to have four childhood girlfriends that realize the importance of keeping a friendship going and knitting new memories together. Birch will be Mr. Mom for the next five days and the kids are delighted by the idea of having Daddy all to themselves. I asked Nate today if he was going to miss me. He said, "Well, isn't Daddy going to be home with me?" I responded, "Yes." Then he said, "No, I won't miss you then." It's so wonderful to not have to worry about the kids one bit. Birch is a great daddy and with ease will handle the five children and the list of projects that I am leaving behind for him (mostly just starting our kitchen remodel). I sure do love that man!!!

So I'm off for five days to bask in the Sweet Alabama sun, lounge in jammies all day, eat myself silly, and catch up on four amazingly talented women's lives.


Matt's Blog said...

Have a great time and tell the girls hello for me.

emily said...

Cute pictures. I'm so jealous of your trip! My group really needs to get one of these trips planned in the next few years.

Amy D. said...

Birch is winning husband of the year awards all over the last couple of months. Have soooo much fun and enjoy all the girl time!