Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tyler the Birthday Boy

As usual I am a little late in posting about Tyler's birthday. His real birthday was celebrated while I was having my own party in Alabama. Birch made it a really fun day for him. Tyler has never had a friend party for his birthday. Over the years I have come up with different "rules" about friend parties and somehow Tyler never ended up having one (probably because last year we could have gotten the loser-parent award with promising a friend party and then never following through with our promise--don't worry though, it is the first time that has happened).

Anyway, this year I made sure that Tyler was going to have a really fun party. The Saturday after Tyler's birthday eleven friends came to help Tyler celebrate his seventh birthday. Boy was it an intense hour and a half!
We started out with painting these fun wooden plane/truck/helicopter/etc kits that I bought from Michael's Craft Store for just one dollar. Nate, Alex, and I glued them all together the week before the party. The kids had a GREAT time painting them.

Then Birch took the kids outside for an intense game of Birthday Kickball. Meanwhile I was in the kitchen rolling out homemade pizza dough and organizing the pizza toppings. Then the boys all came in and made their own pizzas.
While they were cooking Tyler opened more gifts than he has ever received in his life. The boys were all super generous and Tyler was in heaven. Tyler blew out his candles from his colorful rice crispy treat and the boys all gobbled their pizza and treat. Tyler had a great time and we were all exhausted when the party finished. Happy Birthday Tyler!!!


emily said...

What a fun birthday party! Glad he felt special.

Leah said...

Such fun ideas. I'm sure he'll remember it for years to come.

Jessica said...

Looks like such a fun party! Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

Keri said...

I remember when you moved to Yakima, he was just a newborn! Time flies! Looks like an awesome party!

Cami said...

What great ideas. We also have rules about friend parties at our house.