Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Festivities

Monday night we had a great time carving our HUGE garden pumpkins. The flesh was like three inches thick and proved to be quite the work out for Birch to cut out all the kids designs. I stuck with Alysee and Nate's little pumpkins that they had got at a local pumpkin patch.

I was impressed with Tyler for actually touching the "guts" this year. Alex dove right into cleaning out his pumpkin; unfortunately he got an allergic reaction and got a rash all up his arm. Coop loved stirring the inside of the pumpkin with a spoon; Alysee nearly threw up when she saw what was inside the pumpkin; Nate was too busy trying to sneak a knife to cut his own pumpkin that he didn't mind the guts.
We had a great Halloween party at church last night. There were lots of carnival games for the kids, chili and hot dogs, and then a mad twenty minutes of trunk-or-treating. Alex created his mad scientist costume by himself this year--pretty creative. Tyler and Nate were both scary spidermen. Last minute I threw Coop into a superman costume. And Alysee...were still not sure what she was. She woke up yesterday morning saying that she was not going to be a princess anymore but a gymnastics/ballerina girl. She knew what she was and was proud to be it...isn't that what matters? Somehow I escaped the picture and I actually had quite the fabulous witch costume. I was in charge of Alysee's school Halloween party yesterday. We had a great party complete with a witch's cauldron of rootbeer. Happy Halloween!!


Leah said...

Ok, the description of all the kids and the pumpkin carving is HILARIOUS! It totally shows the personality of each of your kids.

emily said...

I also enjoyed that. So funny! Alysee's costume reminds me of my lame idea of being a pretty lady.

Cami said...

Love the cosutmes. Gavin changed his mind about his costume too many times to count.

meta said...

I'm so glad you posted!

love the 3 super hero costumes - adorable!!!

the girls-night out idea is a great idea. very cute pics.

and i'm very impressed by your family pumpkin carving skills!

Keri said...

Heard the ward party was fun, sorry we missed it. Maybe next year?!!