Friday, December 7, 2007

Sledding Fun

As I am sitting her downing a bag of Costco Sugar Snap Peas reading others blogs I was thinking that maybe I should post a couple of more pictures of the kids from last weekend. Our snow is pretty much all gone now and replaced with mud; certainly not as fun to play in. Birch has been busy with dress rehearsals and now actually preforming for the Nativity Exhibit and Christmas program. We haven't gotten to see him yet but I am planning on taking the kids to see the matinée performance tomorrow morning. Tonight the kids and I will lay low and watch a new Christmas movie that I got today.

So here are some fun pictures from last weekend:Alex
Nate-the true sledding die-hard!
Nate-I know this isn't a great shot but I wanted to share the jump that the boys made. Nate loved getting air.Alex taking Coop on his first sled ride.
Cute Coop (note: since mommy hides inside during the cold weather this was Coop's first time experiencing the snow. He loved having Daddy home so he could experience what it was like.)


Leah said...

Looks like so much fun, that jump especially. What cute boys you have!

emily a. said...

Even though the pic of Nate on the jump is blurry I bet he loves it. Did Alysee sled too or was she in with you?

Your boys are sure cute! Coop looks so cute and pudgy in the last picture all bundled up.

Ditto's said...

Oh Sara, If only I could say I was sitting at my computer downing a bag of "sugar snap peas." I'm more apt to down a bag of sugar. We're jealous of the snow here! Looks like fun

KimiK said...

Great pictures! I love the snow! It is one reason I am happy we moved up here from the desert.

I am sorry I haven't been in contact lately, still trying to juggle being a working mom now. But I wanted to say congratulations! How exciting for you and your famiy to be expecting another cute Ditto baby! I hope you are feeling well. And your kitchen is beautiful! I bet it is wonderful to have that project finished.
Take care and I will try to post and comment more. I have really missed it. Thank you for missing me! :)