Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vote for best kid's nativity

Last week wrapped up our big Nativity and Christmas Musical event that I was involved in. Since I have been thinking "nativity" for several months now I have been keeping my eyes out for good kids sets; ones that they can play with and you don't have to get all nervous.

Two years ago my mom gave the kids the Little People Nativity Set (runs about $25). I would HIGHLY recommend adding it to your collection. The one below is the deluxe version--we don't have that one. Ours did not come with the lighted star, palm tree, donkey pulling the cart, or the hay troff but it has everything else.

This year I ran into a GREAT set at Target (it was just in the toys section with the other Playmobil stuff). It is the Playmobil Nativity Set (runs about $17). Last night we opened the box and read the book that comes with it. It takes you through the nativity story and has you put together the pieces (ie. the robe for Joseph, the turban for the wiseman, the saddle for the donkey, etc...). The kids seem to have LOVED each minute putting it together. I was laying on the couch while Birch reading the book and I ended up following asleep, opps. So it was a great evening for everyone : )

Anyway, so those are my recommendations. I think for kids under two the Little People set is ideal because it doesn't have any small pieces. But for anyone older kids the Playmobil set is awesome. It has lots of pieces to put together and play with. Merry Christmas!


Mama Nirvana said...

This year I bought a handmade cloth one (I'll have to post a picture) at a craft fair. It was $25 and really quite beautiful and everything can be washed in the machine. The boys have enjoyed throwing the pieces around the living room.

I like both of your sets and have never seen them at the prices you have posted. Great deals!


kg said...

My mom just gave Grant that top little people one and it's under our tree. I love Playmobil stuff too! The season is coming so fast!

emily a. said...

Those really are cute.

Julie said...

I love the Fisher Price Little People set! I've not seen it before. I'll have to check it out online!

Julie said...

P.S. Amy- your comment about the boys throwing around the cloth nativity set made me chuckle inside. I could just see a pair of boys having fun tossing them around! :)

Julia said...

I love these. I didn't even know that these existed. Thank you for the tips. I will have to get these this year!

Lisa Rampton Halverson said...

Our Stake has a beautiful creche exhibit and it's my favorite part of Christmas in this area! Neat that you've been thinking nativity of late!

Hey, I need your address. Could you email it to me at lhalverson@pausd.org?