Friday, January 25, 2008

Beaver POWER!!

Alex won first place
Alex is a true Oregon State Beaver fan!! Last night he had his Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. He has been working for months designing his car and for several weeks at making his design come true. Birch and Alex are a good team in the shop.Alex won first place

Alex and his friend Mason
Alex made this cool pinewood derby stand at cub scouts a couple of weeks ago. The race didn't end last night...Birch made the boys a little track that they can continue to race all their cars on.

Tyler can't wait to join Alex in the derby next year. Last night Nate brought a car that he made to race when the derby was over. We ought to have all the tricks perfected by the time Coop races in six years!


Keri said...

We still have a few years before Andrew will be racing, but I know who to call if we have any questions about how to make the BEST car! Love the paint job!

emily a. said...

Great job Alex. That's a cool stand for you hot car!

KimiK said...

Love the paint job!