Thursday, January 10, 2008

Update on Sister (aka Alysee)

Alysee goes back and forth on her love for the snow. She does enjoy sledding but she hates it when her pants get wet or snow falls in her boots. She had an especially good time in the snow last Saturday. She whizzed down that hill and went over jumps like her brothers.
Alysee is not a bad bowler herself. She enjoyed getting to wear special shoes for the event.
Although this picture doesn't really show Alysee's face I still thought it had to be shared. When I read the part of Mary becoming with child, Alysee quickly pulled up her jammies and shoved that baby under (Coop wasn't so interested in Alysee hauling him around as Jesus at this point). If only childbirth was as easy as Alysee made it out to be : )
Alysee on the velcro wall at the "Jump and Bounce" indoor play center.


Leah said...

What a darling Snow Diva.

emily a. said...

I don't like snow in my boots either Alysee.