Friday, February 8, 2008

Rite of Passage

Tyler has finally entered adulthood...well, at least he did just lose his first tooth. He had been working very hard and wiggling it every day during school and last Friday he came home and was ready to pop that thing out.
Only problem was that the tooth didn't seem to want to come out. In my family my mom was always the one who "just wanted to check and see how loose the tooth" was...and then ended up giving it a good twist and out it would come. I tried to be all manly and pull it out but I just didn't have the heart (or maybe the muscles). By the time Birch came home from work Tyler was ready for some more pain and let Birch pull and twist but to no avail.
Finally I did check out the damage and I mean I barely touched the tooth and it FELL out. Tyler was so happy!!!Isn't he one handsome kid?!!! I think the other bottom front tooth will be on it's way out this next week.

On a side note: We have a LOSER tooth fairy assigned to our house! Growing up the tooth fairy was never late in rewarding the child that lost the tooth. At our house, though, she seems to be always at least one day late but once never even made an appearance. Anyone know how to put in a change of house assignments?


Leah said...

Congratulations Tyler!! Eat some more candy in honor of the event.

emily a. said...

Ah, not so fond memories... Congrats Ty- that is exciting!

Keri said...

He looks so grown up! Kelsi just lost her 7th tooth the other she needs to start getting the big ones in! They are more anxious to fall out than come in for her. :)

kg said...
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kg said...

Yay for losing teeth! Glad you caught it on camera!

(sorry, that was my delete above)

Cami said...

Always so exciting! Our tooth fairy also forgets. Tooth fairies these days!!