Friday, March 14, 2008

My baby is growing up

I got a call this afternoon from Alex over his lunch break at school that really reminded me that he is growing up.

Just a little background information. Alex tried out for Little League a couple of weeks ago and has been anxiously awaiting his draft phone call. Each day he comes home from school and the first thing he asks is if the call has come yet. The decision to have Alex play Little League was really hard for me because of the time demand that it will have on ME and the rest of the family. But after much contemplation Alex was given the go-ahead from us and Birch said he did awesome at try-outs.

So back to the phone call...

Alex: Hi! Mom, it's Alex.

Mom: Are you throwing up? (That is what we have all been doing this week.)

Alex: No, I need a cup.

Mom: A cup?

Alex: Yeah, a cup. Otherwise they won't let me play. And can yo
u get it at "Kimmels," (apparently it is a sporting goods store) my friend says they are more comfortable there.

Mom: Yeah, probably not in time for the practice today but I'm sure this weekend we could get one. Love ya, bye.

I'm glad I caught on pretty quick. Just yesterday Alex was asking me when I thought he should start showering every day. He wanted to know when I started showering every day. Hum...hard to remember. I suggested that because he is more active than I was he might start earlier than me anyways. He agreed and said that he should probably just ask Dad.

Maybe I should stop by the local department store and pick up some deodorant tomorrow too!

Alex-1 year old / Alex-goofy 9.5 year old

Friday, March 7, 2008

The price is right

So we have just begun to dip our toes in our search for a new vehicle for our family. Due to the expansion of our family we will no longer fit in our mini-van. We obviously knew this change was part of our decision in having another child but I am still slightly mourning the loss of our Town and Country Mini-van with built-in car seats. It has been such a terrific car for us and has needed VERY little maintenance over the years. In the past week I have been especially grateful for the so so gas millage that it also gets over some bigger gas guzzling car. In fact Birch and I figured out last night that for the cars we are looking into it would cost us like $150 just to fill the thing up. Yikes!

So we are toying with some different ideas...

As you can see from the picture, Birch was able to go on a bike ride with ALL five children and buy donuts WITHOUT using the car. Maybe I should just buck up and strengthen my bum muscles by buying a bike and attach a small horse trailer for me to pull around for the groceries, baby carseat, toilet paper, home depot trips, etc... Nate has also been suggesting another possibility and yesterday I think I found a pretty good deal:

1988 Bus (31 Passenger), nice shape, $6,000 obo. NEED TO SELL!

or even this one...

'97 Ford 1T, 15 passenger, w/ wheelchair lift. Runs great! $6500 obo

With either one we could even haul all our kids' friends places and have room for Birch to buckle in his guitar (something due to space that he no longer gets to even travel with). I mean the wheelchair lift could come quite handy. By the way, Nate also thinks we should name our baby girl BOB!

Birch shared some final comforting words with me last night that his brother had told him earlier this year. "Isn't it amazing that you can drive a full Suburban 17 miles down the road with nine people, luggage, and the weight of the vehicle while slowing dripping the amount of one gallon of gas (imagining a gallon of milk) the whole way!" So as our search continues as we hide away pennies to purchase our gas guzzling vehicle, please don't start picketing our house because we will soon be driving something that is Anti-green!