Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Coop!!

Two years ago today Cooper joined our family. Each birth of our five children has always been an amazing experience for Birch and I, though Cooper's birth was especially wonderful. Perhaps it was the really great epidural I had or maybe the fact that I felt seasoned in giving birth but Coop's delivery was so peaceful. It was calm and quiet in the labor and delivery room--just a nurse, my midwife, and Birch. My friend that was watching the other kids during Coop's delivery reminded me on my way out the door to the hospital that this was one of my chances to have a really spiritual experience and to feel close to God. Cooper's entry into the world was just that.

The following four months of Cooper's life weren't so calm and peaceful. He was a very colicky baby and rarely stopped crying. At times we all wished we could send him back and trade him for a cheerier kid. Boy, am I glad that we didn't!!
This kid is such a highlight to our family!! He is deeply loved by his parents and siblings. We are all smitten with his blue eyes and fun personality. He is talking up a storm and LOVES to be apart of EVERYTHING that is going on around him. Coop loves to ride his bike, play in the dirt, draw on everything (unfortunately often not on paper), play baseball with his brothers and daddy, sneak stuff out of Alysee's special hiding places, feed the ducks, read stories, and snuggle with his green frog blanket while sucking his thumb.



emily a. said...

I love that kid too. He is such a cutie and it melts my heart when he wants to 'talk' on the phone to me. Happy Birthday Cooper!

Keri said...

Happy Birthday, Coopy!!

Leah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cooper the Pooper Scooper! WE LOVE YOU!

Cami said...

What a cutie!