Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Looking back...Before moving forward

Quick photo catch up before we start making some new memories...

My sister, Laura, came home from her 19 month mission from sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people in Switzerland and Germany. We were able to spend the weekend with her and feel of the wonderful spirit that she carries. Boy, did we miss her!!!
We didn't let Laura spend any time catching up on sleep while we were in Oregon with her. Just hours after her plane landed she went to an outdoor waterpark with the kids. They all had a wonderful time together. Our only complaint was that we didn't have enough time to spend with each other. Good thing we have a lifetime ahead of us!
While in Oregon I got the chance to spend the evening with my good friend Amy. Amy made me this beautiful sling for me to trek Chloe around in. Chloe is snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug when I put her in it. Amy is a super talented woman and I always love seeing her on my trips to Oregon. Again, the only complaint would be that our time was WAY to short together.
Coop and Nate loved all the yummy desserts they got to eat at Ami and Poppi's house.
Coop and Poppi loved playing that golf ball throwing game. I love how my dad always jumps in and plays with my kids. They don't get to see each other too often but Poppi always makes the most of our visits.
Alysee, Chloe, and my mom (Ami) enjoyed lots of time together. My mom is an excellent seamstress and Alysee brought several projects for them to do together. (Side note: I'm not much of a seamstress so I always tell the kids to save whatever needs fixed for our trips to Oregon. My mom doesn't complain a bit and somehow always manages to mend our stuff plus include the kids in the sewing.)Poppi and Chloe rocking together.
One the way home from Oregon we stopped at the Portland Zoo. We were super lucky to have some Ditto cousins join us for the hot morning. The kids all LOVED the animals but even more loved the couple of hours running around with their cousins. We left hot, tired, hungry, and fulfilled. The weekend we got home from Oregon we got the privilege of spending some time with my Aunt and Uncle and my cousins' two kids. They had a pit stop here on their way from Colorado to the Washington Peninsula. We always look forward to their yearly visits!
This time they brought my cousins' two kids whom we had never met. Our kids all had the best time together. Birch organized a wicked game of kickball for all the kids.
Now here is the most exciting news...I bought myself a hydraulic barber chair. For the past eleven and half years I have been giving haircuts to my family. I always complain about how I have to lean forward so far with the kids (especially uncomfortable when I am pregnant)--so I decided ENOUGH OF THAT. I have a little craigslist addiction right now and so when I saw this barber chair listed for $50 I knew it had my name written all over it. I am often cutting nine peoples hair each month so I think I will make good use out of it. (I know you are all jealous of my haircutting apron...maybe one day I will upgrade and get a cool black apron like at the real salons.)
Chloe is five and half weeks old now. She is just the cutest thing, though she is leaving Birch and me quite exhausted. Our nights are pretty much no fun but somehow that cute face laying next to me most of the whole night is still so easy to love.
Coop loves to play on our slide.
The other night the kids were making this train and then having the last person on the slide go through their legs. They had a blast!
Alex took this photo yesterday of Chloe. He just couldn't resist that cute face and HUGE flower headband. It is so wonderful to see the kids all so in love with their little sister.

Okay...we are all caught up now. Stay tuned for more Ditto happenings.


Leah said...

I live for these updates. Chloe is so dang cute. How darling is the picture of Steven and Nicki with the kids too! And so happy to see your hydrolic chair. Love it.

emily a. said...

Jealous you got to see the Howe clan. That picture of Chloe with the hat on it SO SO SO cute. She is a doll as dad would say. Mom's new way of styling her hair is really cute too.

Love the picture of Coop and Dad- Ryan keeps remarking on what a great smile he has.

Matt's Blog said...

Great update! The first picture we've seen of Laura since she came home! The kids look so happy. Wish we were closer to see them more often, but blogs always bring us back!

Heidi said...

I love the picture of you and Amy. I wish I had a reason to go to Oregon more often.
You've got some good looking parents Sara. I hope I look that "HOT" at their age. :)

kg said...

love that you and amy are wearing your plumeria necklaces!!

Mama Nirvana said...

Seeing the picture of me has helped to make a hairdo decision -- important, I know! Loved seeing you and your beautiful family!


Julie said...

I love your update! Glad you were able to visit with your family! They are such great people. You really are blessed to have such a good family. It's funny because I wasn't around your family much after the ward in Corvallis split. I can picture Laura at about age six! How time flies!

Cami said...

What alot of fun! I need one of those barber chairs. I sure would make cutting hair so much easier. Wish we could have seen you guys while you were here.

Dianne K. Nelson said...

Hey there Sarah! I've been reading your blog off and on for awhile, and just had to give you some props on my blog...go check it out!