Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School...Back to Reality

Yesterday we dove into the 2008-2009 school year. Everyone was excited to put on their new school shirt, see their friends and meet their new teacher.
Alex is a cross walk guard this year and has been especially excited to start that new responsibility. Alex is a fifth grader, Tyler is in second grade, and Alysee is a first grader.
Here is a picture of the three mourners--Nate, Cooper, and Chloe. Nate and Coop kept asking when brothers and sister would be home all day long.
Nate is going to start his first year of preschool next week. He is excited and a little nervous.
Coop is a bit confused at where everyone disappeared to. He thinks going to school sounds great. Unfortunately, this morning it just occurred to me that Coop has "Hand, Foot, Mouth" disease. This would be our third time getting it over the past couple of years. He had a little sore on his lip yesterday and I thought nothing of it. Then this morning Dr. Ditto (that's me) noticed that he has several other sores in his mouth, toes, and hands. He is still pretty chipper despite the discomfort he must be in. I told Nate that he should try and not touch Cooper while he is sick. Bad mistake. I'm sure Nate is already fully exposed and now I have Coop running around the house trying to touch Nate and Nate hollering for Coop to stay away from him. If only it were possible to keep a sickness isolated to one child. I'm hoping somehow that Chloe will be spared.
Chloe's first time touching the grass; she didn't like it.
Not the cutest picture of Chloe but the outfit was just so cute on her. Not only was it Chloe's first time touching grass but it was also her first time wearing a sweater, socks, and hat. Chloe is smiling so much more and has really become quite the talker when in a good mood. I've noticed an increase in slobber this past week too (note: the slobber drip on her shirt). She is sleeping better at night. We've started giving her a bottle of formula around 10 pm and then she will normally sleep until around 2 am (twice she even slept until 4 am). Then she is usually up around 6 am and sometimes will go back to sleep after she nurses and other times she is up for several hours.

I used to collect quotes in my younger single years : ) A quote that I wrote down many years ago has been in my mind alot recently, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." Nice quote to have weighing in ones mind, I know. Anyway, I think the reason I have been thinking of this quote is because part of me is annoyed with myself over the things I did not get done this summer with the kids. Like all those cool lesson plans. I printed them all off, bought most of the suppplies, told the kids we were going to do them each day, and then -- WAM, BAM--the summer is over and I only did like three days of lessons. Or a book that I started reading to the kids during their daily quiettime. I said to the kids, "I'd like to read you this book that my mom read to me as a little kid." I read two days...the book is only 1/3 read.

So the school year starts will a bit of mixed emotions. I'm ready for it but at the same time I wish I had done better. I'm enjoying the quiet afternoons, cleaning up only a handfull of dishes after lunch, sweeping the floor only once a day, errands with only three kids...but I wonder if I could have done better. Sometimes it just feels like anything I try to do with all the kids is just hard and so I give up (or wait until Birch gets home).

Well, those handfull of dishes are awaiting me.


emily a. said...

The tough thing is we can always do more but you need to remind yourself that you did add another baby to the family this summer. That takes so much out of a person. I cannot imagine functioning with 5 other mini's needing me in addition to Sage. You are amazing Sara!

The Cox Family said...

Ya Hello!!! I can't believe you didn't get all those other things done, come on, what did you do all summer - let's see - you had a baby! Now what is my excuse, 'cause I didn't. You are amazing! You always have been. I vote that you have 6 more kids. Anyone want to second that? If anyone could do it, it would be you. I love the pics of the kids on their first day, they all look so cute.

Mama Nirvana said...

Sara, I only have three kids at home all the time, and I don't get half done that you do. You amaze me and are my inspiration (no joke). Plus you are so darn cute! Enjoy your quiet afternoons.


Ditto Family said...

Wow, I didn't realize I was going to receive so many "warm fuzzies." Thanks for everyone's love they sent my way! Maybe what I needed was just a big hug.

I should share my feelings more often.

Heidi said...

Here's another hug for you Sara. I have said woulda shoulda coulda so many times, but life happens. I too am ALWAYS so very impressed with you and your family. You're one of a kind. I went to Walmart with only Christian today and it was quite nice. Enjoy the 3 little ones. Everyone looks cute by the way. I love how Alex has his arms around them both. What a good big brother. Love ya Sara!

Matt's Blog said...

Great I miss those kids! You guys are an amazing example of parenting!

Elyse said...

Hee-hee, need I say I sit lazily STILL in my jams at 10am, sad...I know.and blogging no less! I think everyone agrees you're pretty amazing and a fine example to the rest of us how to manage a beautiful, young family and look so fabulous and collected while doing it =>
I can't even imagine my kiddos off to school yet =< My cousin and I are going to put on our own pre-school for our older kiddos this year (she's a teacher, but staying home with her kiddos for awhile) so it won't be quite the same as sending Jilly off to school. One more year before I bawl my eyes out and reminisce over time gone by... Your babes are so adorable and looking so grown up. What a beautiful family.

Marci said...

Hey Sara,
I love your blog and though I have never posted a comment I just thought I would second the notion that you are amazing! Thanks for your example.

Cute new blog design by the way...

Julia said...

You look forward to running errands with ONLY three kids? I weep and wail and gnash my teeth if I have to take my three kids on an errand. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!