Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chloe's Special Day

One of the things that we did while at Lake Cavanaugh was give Chloe a blessing. In our church a newborn is often given a special blessing by her daddy (if he is a priesthood holder) that then makes the baby's name "official" on the Church's records and even more special it is a time that the baby can receive special blessings for her/his life. Normally this would take place at church but because we were going to see so much family at our reunion we decided to give Chloe her blessing at the Lake.

Sunday morning, August 3rd we gathered the family together and had a special little service. We all sang "Here we are together" and then Grannie talked about the importance of "FAMILY." Birch shared a bit about the significance of Chloe's name and then all of Birch's brothers (minus Vaughn and Andrew) were able to be apart of the blessing.
Some of Chloe's cousins and siblings participating in Grannie's lesson about the importance of the "FAMILY" unit.

Ruth Wilcox Harvey was born in Cardston, Alberta on December 7, 1901. She is Chloe's Great Great Grandma. It was written in her obituary that “(Ruth was) an active member of the LDS Church and especially enjoyed the Relief Society and singing in the choir.” Birch's grandma, Rose Harvey remembers Ruth as "a strong woman, and always stood up for right and truth. She was dedicated to the gospel of Jesus Christ and taught her children well.” Sounds like a great name to live up to!!
Proud Parents
Daddy and daughter, Chloe
Brent, Birch, Kelly, and Logan all participated in the blessing.

I decided to get a different dress for Chloe to wear for her blessing than the one Alysee wore. I found this antique looking dress on ebay for $5.00. The price couldn't help but have the dress grow on me.

Here's a little photoshoot of Chloe:

Love this girl!
I'm hungry!
This dress is so darn long.
My super duper talented friend, Kim, did a little photoshoping to some of our favorite shots. Love this watercolor one!
Put your's hands up...
Are you coming to get me or not?
Beautiful baby- I made Chloe's bracelet special for this day.
I'm so tired!
Mom's always painting my cute little toesies.Strong neck
Mom's always kissing me!


The Cox Family said...

Chloe is such an angel!! Loved all the pictures - they are precious!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Great photo shoot, but I'm sure it helps to have an adorable subject!

Matt's Blog said...

What a beautiful baby! She is so cute....we can't wait to meet her!

emily a. said...

Oh my goodness, chloe is such a doll- i love the dress. wish we could've been there.

Amanda said...

I nominated you on my blog! Check it out!

Cami said...

She is such a cutie!