Friday, October 31, 2008

Bountyful Blessings

We had an awesome garden this year! The produce just kept on producing : ) We (mostly Birch) enjoyed fresh peppers, tomatoes up the ying yang, basil, cucumbers galore, squash, pumpkins, beans, sugar snap peas, yucky tasting corn, strawberries, and the quail loved our blueberries.
I made several batches of fresh salsa that got snarfed up at Birch's work, neighbor's and friend's homes.
Coop was a great helper with the salsa. He thought the onion looked so tasty that he tried several bites before he realized maybe it wasn't so great after all.
Birch and I (and Chloe in her Bumbo) spent one last night making pesto with all our basil. We had so much basil that we ended up sharing it with several friends.

We feel truly blessed to live in such a fertile land (can you tell, we have six kids!).

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