Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tinkle Toes

Gosh, I guess it has already been three and half months since Coop has been potty trained. The whole idea of poopin' in the potty wasn't my idea. Seriously! Probably in May Coop started asking to poop in the potty, and Birch and I happily jumped on board with him. But then in July when Cooper started asking to go potty in the potty I wasn't sure I was quite ready to give up the ease of diapers. Changing a potty diaper once a day is no big deal, but juggling a newborn while trying to pull down Coop's pants, lift him on the toilet, avoid being sprayed (which has happened more than once), wiping his bum, washing hands, etc...just seemed like too much at the time. But Coop was ready so I learned to juggle and balance pretty quick. We've gone through our fair share of undies but overall Coop has done an awesome job!!!
Coop is such a great kid! I know many out there are struggling with their two-year-olds so I feel extra grateful (but don't be too jealous - I have a six year old that throws a mighty good two-year-old tantrum). One of the things that makes Coop so fun are his great talking skills. This is something that is a rarity at the Ditto house for a two-year-old. Not only can Coop carry on a great conversation but he also says the funniest things. Take today's conversation:

Coop: "Mom, Jesus lobs (loves) mine peanut." (What he calls his penis)

Mom: "Yes, Jesus does love your penis." (He created him after all, right?)

Coop: "Jesus lobes your peanut too." (Pointing to me)

The rest of the conversation basically was a disagreement between the two of us as to whether or not mom has a "peanut."

Currently Cooper is really into trucks, buses, motorcycles, ferry boats, and trains. We haven't really had a "theme" kid since Alex so it has been pretty fun. Birch and I have discussed whether this is because we haven't encouraged the kids to obsess about a particular theme (like dinosaurs, automobiles, sports, etc...) or maybe it is because we haven't "fed" the obsession. I'm thinking Christmas should be darn easy for this kid. Get him a ferry boat and he would be in heaven!
Coop also informed me the other day that he "lobe (love) this song." Who would have thought that a two-year-old would have a favorite song? Wanna know what his favorite song is..."Somewhere over the rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. Just so happens to be one of my favorite songs too.

Along with Coop's great vocabulary, having older siblings has also brought the interesting challenge of keeping "potty" words out of his mouth. It's hard to get mad at such a cute guy even when you hear him call his brother that is bugging him, "Stupid Man," or "Meanie Face," or "Meanie."

Coop wonders if "Today Friday? Daddy go on camping trip? Cooper too little?" He seriously asks me this almost each morning when he wakes up. He can sit in front of the computer for a half an hour just watching the screen saver of family pictures. Coop loves "de-ert" (dessert), riding his bike really fast, eating pizza, playing with his siblings and friends, eating Italian dressing on lettuce, reading books, coloring, playing with play dough, and doing anything with his daddy (which is kind of a problem when their are seven other of us that like doing stuff with daddy too). He loves sucking his thumb while holding "Froggy," his green blanket covered with little frogs.

Oh yes, I must make note of what a thankful boy Cooper is. No kidding...this kid thanks you for everything. It's as if his parents are Hitler Manner parents (If that were the case then wouldn't the rest of the kids be just as good at expressing their gratitude?). Back in his diaper days he used to thank us for changing his diaper. Who does that? Sure brightens my day to hear him says "Thanks Mom!" I'm hoping this attribute is not just a phase but a long lasting attribute.

We LOVE this kid!!!


Amanda said...

I don't think kids have to be encouraged to have a favorite thing. Ethan had stages where it was all cowboys, fire fighters, trucks.... but changed with each age. Brock has been our Dino kid and has been for several years! Oh and yellow It has always been yellow! All things yellow he loves. I didn't realize it has always been that way till I look back at scapbooks and see that before he was 2 he would always want to wear this same shirt.... it was yellow. He still loves yellow! Some kids are just that way!

emily a. said...

I loved this update on Coopy and I loved the conversation. Why is that all your boys call "it" a peanut? That was so funny! Can't wait to see you next week.

The Cox Family said...

We sure love him too! Great idea for a post, to choose one kids and focus on them - I will be emailing pictures of each of my children so you can do a post on each of them for me-okay, you don't have to do my blog as well. I mean you do do everything else for me - You are the best!! Thanks for the yummy dinner, and FHE treat, they were delicious.

Keri said...

He is a cutie, I loved his hair today. And my kids call "it" a peanut too...ha ha

Mama Nirvana said...

Loved reading about a two-year-old (six weeks younger than mine) who has mastered the potty, talking, and makes his family so happy.


Matt's Blog said...

Loved the update. It helps stay up with the kids. Can't wait to hang out with Coops next week!

Julie said...

Congratulations on potty training! I know how much of a life changing event it is. My little guy is turning two next month and I can't help but wonder when he will be ready. Probably not for another year. Take care!

Fowler family said...

Wow, potty trained already? And he is talking so well- and saying such funny things!

amy said...

WOW i cant believe how big your kids have gotten - i think that it is about time you guys came to a family reunion so that we all can catch up!! love ya!!

Amy said...

Sara, your family is just beautiful. This is really first time I've sat down and done some actual blog hopping. It amazes me and inspires me to see so many good women doing such wonderful things with their families and children. It was good to catch up with you and I wish you a Happy Fall! - Amy Baumgartner:)

amy said...

Your kids are sooo freakin cute - but i am very upset - you came to utah without calling or stoping by - thats pretty messed up! i will work on forgiving you but it might take some time!!