Tuesday, November 4, 2008

To be Eight is GREAT

October has been a really special month for Tyler. Not only did Tyler get to celebrate his birthday like five times because we were on the road to Utah but he also got baptized.
Tyler's first party was at our home. He was super excited to get all his cub scout gear.
Next Tyler celebrated his birthday in Caldwell, Idaho with his cousins. His Aunt Tavia made a super yummy cake for Tyler. They had even decorated their kitchen in his honor.

While in Logan, Utah he celebrated his real birthday he was treated to a delicious dessert at a super yummy pizza restaurant.
The parties just didn't stop there. Next we celebrated Halloween at our home with cousins and Ami and Poppi. I am beginning to realize that Halloween is not my favorite holiday. The stress of trying to please all the kids with costumes (after the kids realized I wasn't going to be buying or making anything new this year they all adapted and found something in the dress up box) plus the post-Halloween whining for candy. We had a fun night at our church Halloween party and trunk-or-treating. I didn't even have to dress up as a witch this year...I already felt like I was portraying the character quite well.
Then the next day on November 1st our house filled up with LOTS of extended family. It was so wonderful to have so many people travel to celebrate Tyler's decision to be baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. Tyler was a little nervous but he felt really good about his choice.
Tyler asked Uncle Kelly to give the talk about Baptism. All his cousins were so enthralled in the baptism and really excited for Tyler. Grannie drove all the way to our home for just the afternoon--talk about being super supportive of her grandkids!
Somehow Ami and Poppi missed out on the group picture. I think they were cleaning up all the rootbeer floats from the post baptism party. We love it when they come visit us--the only complaint is the trips are always WAY too short. Not only did the kids have lots of fun with their grandparents but my mom also revamped my cluttered pantry, cleaned my gas top stove, and folded laundry and I'm sure lots of other things that I haven't even noticed yet. My dad took the boys horseback riding at an old high school buddies ranch on Saturday morning. They all had so much fun!
These are all the men that assisted in Tyler's confirmation--Poppi, Uncle Vaughn, Dad, Uncle Brent, and Uncle Kelly.
We are sure proud of our Tyler!!! LOVE YA!!!


Mama Nirvana said...

They grow up so fast. My, Tyler is a cutie! Congratulations!


emily a. said...

Love that last picture. Such a handsome little man!

Leah said...

He looks SO handsome!! Wish we could have been there.

Keri said...

Cute pictures! I can't believe how old he is...he was just a tiny newborn when you guys moved here!

Cami said...

So exciting! What a cutie!

Rachel said...

Oooh, that is so great. He has the greatest smile, I have noticed that in all your other postings too. What a special guy, I'm glad he had fun celebrating. He and Sammy have close birthdays. :)

Julie said...

What a special day! Glad he could enjoy it with so many people. Having an October birthday may not be so much fun for the parents, but believe me, it sure is fun for the kid. Coming from one who knows :)