Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Right smack at you!

In the buzz of life my poor little blog has gotten a little neglected. We are all happy and hopping from Christmas activity to Christmas baking to School programs. My sister Leah flew out our direction for an ultra quick trip to do a couple of photoshoots and she was able to fit us in for a quick visit. Even though her stay was literally less than a day long we had a great time together. We even took advantage of her awesome talent and had some portrait shots taken of us all.
These two love birds just celebrated their twelve year anniversary on Thanksgiving day. I never would have guessed that our love could grow so much since Birch proposed on a beautiful September day at an Oregon waterfall. Hasn't been all downhill but a might wonderful ride it has been! Birch is a hard worker, keeps our house organized when I get behind, amazing father, and very thoughtful husband. One of my favorite things that he does for me is his almost daily notes that he leaves on the computer screen for me. Some days those notes are what keep me going when I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with life...motherhood.
Chloe will soon be six months old--oh my, time is just flying. She is sitting up like a champ now and flirting with the idea of eating solids. So far we've found she doesn't like plain oatmeal baby cereal or sweet potatoes but she does seem to tolerate a tablespoon or so of peaches or squash. This girl drools like a rabid dog (a cute one, though) and lights up any person she smiles at. Following our Thanksgiving trip to Spokane we started having her "cry it out." She was a bit stubborn but finally got the hint that bedtime was for sleeping in HER bed by HERSELF and their are no midnight snacks aloud--it did take about six days to figure this out. She is now sleeping quite wonderfully during the night and taking two substantial naps during the day. Love this girl!
Coop -- what do I say about this kid? He's got an infectious smile and a sailor's mouth (limited to stupid head, meanie, and this week a new one...dummy). Any ideas on how to keep the garbage words in the garbage? We've had a family lesson about "garbage words" and tried a few other tactics but so far nothing has stuck. Must be hard to be the fifth child and have several reasons that he needs to fend for himself. He says the cutest most thoughtful prayers and always remembers to bless his "daddy to come home for dinner." When Chloe took over Coop's crib Coop was booted down to the basement with the other three boys. Surprisingly the transition hasn't been near as painful as we thought it was going to be. Recently he has decided that he doesn't like eating dinner (or at least what mommy has fixed for dinner) and is quite sad when he ends up missing out on dessert. He loves having stories read to him, sucking his thumb while holding his froggy blanket, and dancing his new favorite musicians, The Beach Boys. Love this kid!
Nate is an amazing artist!!! He spends several hours each day drawing and seems to never tire of it. He often has a hard time going to preschool but always ends up having a great day. I can't believe he will be in kindergarten next year. Nate enjoys having friends over to play. He also loves playing a car racing game on the computer, riding his bike, and now looks for any opportunity to go sledding. Nate is a great big brother and often asks to hold Chloe. Love this kid!
Alysee is just having the best year at school. She has a fabulous teacher and is sad when she knows she is going to have a substitute. Almost daily when she gets home from school she makes little love notes or pictures for her teacher the next day. She recently wrote in her school journal that she would like to grow up to be a gymnastics teacher. Alysee is a great reader and is always excited to do any homework she might have. Evenings you can often find Alysee and Nate at the kitchen counter drawing, writing little books, or creating some sort of paper project. Love this girl!
Tyler is also having a great year at school. I love how he rarely ever complains about doing his homework. Tyler is wonderful at playing with his younger siblings, especially if I ask him specifically to do so. He continues to struggle with his repertoire of foods that he likes -- often a heaping pile of shredded cheese will help get his meal down. He was SO excited when it snowed this past week and declared that this was probably the best day ever to have gone sledding, drink a cup of hot chocolate, and now be so close to Christmas. Tyler is loving cub scouts and I have also enjoyed having him in my den (I am the assistant den leader). Love this kid!
Alex has been braving the 1 degree and slightly above weather this week to do crosswalk patrol. Earlier this week I requested that he wear his snow pants to do patrol because to the frigid weather but he pulled a little attitude with me and scooted off to school like a snotty teenager. But do you know what the first thing was that he said to me when he got home from school?? "Mom you're always right even when I don't think you are. I should have worn my snow pants. I was freezing." I was quick to remind him to never forget is always right. I'm recording that conversation so I can remind him the next time he forgets : ) Tomorrow is Alex's first band concert. This is his first year playing the trumpet and he seems to show promising talent. He is sure that he has inherited his dad and several uncles musical talent. I wouldn't argue with him on that--I am totally impressed. Alex is a great student and really seems to use his school time wisely so he rarely has homework. His teacher had only great things to say about him at parent/teacher conferences. Love this kid!!

Merry Christmas to all!