Saturday, January 10, 2009

No School Days Fun

"No school" days brought lots of snow to our house. We didn't get dumped on as much as some of the nearby areas to our home but enough that the kids had plenty to sled and play in.
Birch, Nate, and Coop out shoveling one morning.
Nate enjoyed several afternoons building play dough creations.
One of the kids' favorite projects to do is put together wooden model kits and then paint them. I normally get the kits at Michael's Craft but this time I got the kits at JoAnns. These kits were much harder to put together so I think in the future I will stick with Michael's. Coop also put a car together after he woke up from his nap.
This picture of Chloe cracks me up. The kids found these "scientist" glasses and had a so much fun making her wear them.
Many days off of school were spent having friends over to play. Alysee's best girl friend, Hannah was moving to Idaho so she LOVED having her over to play a couple of times. I don't think the kids could ever tire of having friends over to play. We have a couple of families that we especially enjoy having over because there is a playmate for each of our kids -- makes for one loud house but very happy kids.

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emily a. said...

That picture of Chloe is so funny. Was she a good sport having the glasses on?