Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh Holy Night

This is our second year carrying on the traditions that we started with celebrating Christmas at our home. Birch worked Christmas Eve but came home in time to help the kids put together the gingerbread house.
Next on the docket was homemade pizza. This year I whipped up a half cheese/half Hawaiian pizza for the kids. The other pizza was a delicious pesto, roasted chicken, artichoke heart, and black olive pizza. The kids especially enjoyed the treat of each picking out their OWN pop to drink.
Then we reenacted the Nativity. Again, the kids got five minutes to put together their costume and then Birch narrated the biblical story.
Coop was definitely the hit this year with his awesome angel costume that Tyler helped put together for him. He did a great job acting out his part.
Christmas morning brought lots of fun. Chloe loves her new play mat from Santa.
Alysee was thrilled that Santa gave her a treasure box just like she was hoping for and a little make up kit. We continued on our tradition of having the kids choose a sibling's name for Christmas several weeks before Christmas. They each then did three gifts for their chosen sibling (one--homemade gift, two--a job to earn $5 for sibling gift to purchase at a store, and three-- a service for that sibling prior to Christmas). This year Nate drew Alysee's name and he bought her the little Cabbage Patch doll and horse. He was so excited her her to open his present.
Nate and Cooper received this great Geo Trax train set from their favorite mommy and daddy. I found the set for $25 off of craigslist and it ended up being the hit for the day. ALL the kids spent hours setting the track up in different configurations and taking turns driving the trains.

Christmas day was really wonderful. It was lightly snowing, the house was warm and cozy and we were surrounded with those we love. Couldn't have asked for a better day!


emily a. said...

Cooper is the funniest kid. That costume is priceless. I feel some blackmail coming in the years to come.

Mama Nirvana said...

I'm so glad that I got to read your catch-up. I love your Christmas traditions and am sorry I missed you while in Corvallis. Good luck in Sac. Mtgs. Unfortunately, it is one of my most dreaded times of the week.


Matt's Blog said...

You must frame that picture of Coop!

Julia said...

Sounds heavenly. The picture of Cooper in the angel costume made me laugh.

Duludes said...

Wow is thats Coop's personality or what. Gotta love that kid.