Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Drum roll please...

After two weeks of learning a plethora of new weird things about our house we are proud to announce the completion of the newly remodeled master bathroom. WE LOVE IT!!!

The pictures don't do it justice so you will just have to come visit us for the real effect. The main reason for remodeling the bathroom was the cracked grout and mold problems we were having; little did we know how bad it really was. Ever since we had moved in I had dreamed of getting rid of the mauveness (yes, that is a real word in MY vocabulary). This, of course, was a domino effect of pink/mauve tile, flooring, curtains, and a hue of pink on our bathroom appliances (toilet, sink, garden jacuzzi tub, and shower basin). In order to cut a chunk of the remodeling costs we opted to keep the "innocent blush" bathroom appliances but go neutral in the other things to give the appliances a more taupe tone. We're happy with the end result and I know longer feel like I am bathing in pinkness.


Just a reminder of how gross we are/were:

Note the new light fixture (purchased from Lowes) and new cabinet knobs/pulls (purchased from ebay).
We used 6X6 inch (Montagna Cortina, Glazed Porcelain bought from Home Depot) on the wall and backsplash. Also a row of 2 X 4 brick tiles are accented around the backspash, under the windows, and through the shower.
I was pretty excited to find this faucet at Costco for $40.00. We were not planning on changing our faucet originally but it was hard to resist a good deal and quite the upgrade from our original faucet. The countertop is Wilsonart High Definition Deepstar Bronze laminate with maple wood edging.
We put 16 inch tiles (Montagna Cortina, Glazed Porcelain bought from Home Depot) on the floor.
I made these curtains yesterday. I am still trying to decide if I like them. It's kind of an old lady material but it wore on me the more I stared at it at the fabric store. The accent color that I did in the bathroom is kind of a seafoamy blue/green and this subtle brings that color in.
I know no one is really interested in my drawer but I have to document its orderliness. I found this great little wood organizer at Ross and it fit just perfect.
The only thing that is missing is a little somethin' somethin' on the wall to dress it up. My favorite print from the talented Kimberly Greenfield is no longer a right match in the bathroom (don't worry Kim, it will have a new home) so I'm on the lookout for something new.

This week the hallway bathroom is getting a new look. I just finished making the curtain for that bathroom and the tile will go in tomorrow. We HIGHLY recommend the gentleman doing the remodel so if you are in our area and are in need of any remodeling work he does it all. His price is right, his knowledge is incredible and his finishing work spectacular.


kg said...

Looks fabulous!!!

emily a. said...

It does look so nice. I love the faucet, new hardware and drawer organizer. I bet everyone was fighting to shower in your bathroom.

Mama Nirvana said...

How wonderful! You must be so happy. I showed Mike the moldy picture, knowing we will be finding it when we remodel our bathroom this summer (of course he has to do it all himself).


Leah said...

Holy cow! That looks awesome. Nice work!!

Kimball and Marianne Larsen said...

That all looks great! Here's to updating!

Karrie said...

Oh wow!! Love it!! You guys did an awesome job!

Matt's Blog said...

We know how much time and effort goes into this....looks really great!

Julia said...

Everything looks so great. I'm happy to hear you hired someone to do it, though. If you'd done it all yourselves, I'd feel like WE have to remodel everything ourselves, and that's just a complete impossibility, and I would be crying right now. Well done!

The Ditto clan said...

It looks great! It must feel so nice to have that project done.

Julie said...

Ah, the joys of living in the Northwest- mold, mold mold. My allergies are glad I don't live there. I love the new look and you did a great job on the curtains. Now, enjoy a nice long bath in your "new" space. (I'm sure you already have) It's funny, even though we have a big tub in our masterbath, it's the kids who use it most. I'm just not much of a bath person unless I'm big and pregnant!