Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ode to Natedog

Nate just celebrated his fifth birthday! It's hard to believe that he joined our family five years ago seeing as I can't really remember life without Nate. To be honest, when we named Nathan I wasn't really keen on the name but I didn't have any others to root for. His middle name is a family name that I really like and I was happy to carry on the good lineage associated with it. When we decided to get pregnant with Nate, Alysee was still pretty little; in fact Nate and Alysee are just nineteen months apart. Alysee was a particularly good baby and we thought "Why not?"; I think I was about three months pregnant with Nate when Alysee started to get a bit feisty and throwing some darn good tantrums. So throughout Nate's pregnancy I had several moments where I wondered "What were we thinking" but as soon as Nate was born I knew just what we were thinking. Nate was meant to be apart of our family!
Nate (couple of days old) and his siblings

I made this poster about Nate for preschool this year. Nate is a really fun kid. He is super thoughtful, quite athletic, an extremely good artist, has quite a temper, loves playing with friends, and is IN LOVE with his daddy. I know he loves me but he REALLY loves his daddy. Nate loves to feel secure...this means he has a hard time in new situations being independent. Actually it's just not new situations, he really loves going to preschool, his primary class, or the "idea" of vacation bible school but once he gets there he wants me to stay with him. He frequently will say "it's just too long." That was one of the main reasons I really wanted him to go to a formal preschool so he would be forced to be with new people and have others instruct him outside of his parents. Academically he is totally ready for kindergarten (which he starts this fall) but I think it is going to be tough for him at first. I've reminded him that half of his siblings will be right with him at school so hopefully that will cushion his fear.
I had Nate write and draw this picture about what he loves this morning (his new Rollerblades):

When I asked him to draw a picture about what he did not love he said, "Hum...I think I love everything." Then I felt like a lame mommy for instilling the idea that you might possibly dislike something...dumb mommy. Anyway, he decided that he really doesn't like eating fish (which I made him try last night and he thought it was disgusting):
Here's Nate will all his birthday loot:
As I've mentioned before I am not much of a cake maker (much to my children's dismay). I did come up with this cute idea of a truck made out of an ice cream sandwich, a ding dong, and four oreos. We made several and then split them up for everyone.
Nate choose to have spaghetti, homemade bread sticks, and shrimp for dinner. It was quite tasty!
I had kind of decided last year that the era of "friends parties" had ended at our house. They often are just so crazy, lots of work, the kids get gifts I don't approve of, and then the birthday child starts getting all self fish with their new stuff. But...I guess I felt bad for Nate not ever having a friend party so I last minute decided to put one together. I did "evites" for everyone and I included the extended family members knowing they wouldn't be able to come but that it would be fun to let them know what was happening. It was so fun to receive many cute emailed wishes to Nate from his extended family members that responded to the evite.

Really just three little boys were invited locally so it was a very manageable group for me to handle. I did it in the morning on an off day of preschool. The other siblings were a little sad to miss out on the fun (Birch was sad too) but it sure made it a much smaller group.

Since Nate is such a lover of crafts and other artist things that was the theme of the party. First the kids decorated aprons that I had gotten for free from Home Depot. I sewed a blank piece of cloth on the front so the kids had a white canvas to draw their picture using fabric crayons.
Then all the boys put together car kits from Michael's Craft Store. I've mentioned these before as a favorite activity that all my kids love. They come with paint, glue, sandpaper, and all the wood pieces. The boys were all very good about following the instructions and they all went home with really cute race cars. We had some tasty little snacks and cup cake ice cream cones and then opened the gifts. I had requested they all be art related so it made it really fun to Nate then to have the afternoon to keep creating pictures with his new art supplies. It really turned out fun and was pretty relaxed.
I'm so thankful Nate is apart of our family! Love this kid!!!


emily a. said...

Our family wouldn't be the same without his quirky sense of humor. We love you Nate!

Mama Nirvana said...

I got such a kick out of his fish picture -- "i do not love". I have always thought that Nate has the cutest little face. Happy Birthday!


Leah said...

Um, I didn't get an e-vite. BUT, I still love you Nate. You're Isaac's favorite cousin!! Looks like your mommy made a very special day for you. We love you!

Keri said...

Happy Late Birthday Nate! I miss teaching him in Primary...he was just starting to talk to me :)

emily a. said...

I must've forgotten that Nate and Alysee were so close together.

Matt's Blog said...

Happy Birthday rock lil' buddy!

The Ditto clan said...

Um..I didn't get an e-vite either. :) But it looks like he had a great birthday. The car ding dong/oreo creation was great. He is such a great artist..impressive!