Friday, March 20, 2009

Squirt turns 9 months

Our little peanut has turned 9 months old. She's just the cutest little bug and we love every inch of her.

New stats:

25.5 inches tall (4% on charts)
13 pounds 9 oz. (1% on charts)
42.6 cm head circumference (15% on charts)
Two bottom teeth finally emerged this past month
Have you seen a cuter bum?

The doctor's office also ran a routine hemoglobin check and Chloe is a bit anemic. The poor girl had to go have her blood drawn following her toe poke and the lab office says that she is anemic but doesn't have low iron. Hum...I should have asked what that exactly means. They are thinking that it might be due to a nasty cold and double ear infection she currently is suffering through.

Chloe is getting around quite nicely these days. She is even finding joy in picking up small things off of the floor and taste testing them out...not always a yummy idea at our house. She's been found chewing on small lego helmets several times but so far we haven't seen any come out the other it possible to be made out of Cheerios? We frequently refer to Chloe as "cheerio bum" seeing as how she usually has some stuck to her cute little bum bum. Unfortunately she seems to be getting an opinion about what she thinks is yummy. The other day she snarfed down ground up salmon, rice, and broccoli for dinner but then the next day you can't pry her little lips open to put in a bite of smooshed carrots.We were expecting a nasty face from her pickle but she ended up enjoying it.

As far as being problem there. She is smothered in love every day. She's a bit picky about who is giving her love so her span of friends hasn't grown too large. It's so cute to watch her get all spastic with excitement when Birch comes home from work. She loves her daddy! Love this girl!


Mama Nirvana said...

I just LOVE this age! She is just the cutest thing, and looks like she brings so much happiness to your home.


Matt's Blog said...

She is just so cute! Send her down with Tyler and Birch!

Karrie said...

oh my goodness..could she be any more precious? Love all the different pictures you took of her. Cute cute cute!

emily a. said...

She really is the cutest little mini ever. And boy is she mini! I guess this is the only time Sage could be called Sumo Sage.

I can't believe how mobile she is.

Keri said...

She is so darling...and almost always smiling! (At least when I see her.) I knew she was tiny, but didn't realize she was that small. Kayli weighs 13 pounds at 3months, my chub of a baby!!