Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blessed Easter Day

Easter has come and gone but we still have fun memories of the day. The morning was quite rushed to get off to church on time but we did attempt a quick photoshoot of the kids. None turned out as real winners but at least we tried.
Easter Morning 2009

To make the day even more special Birch sang in church. The saddest thing, though...I missed it. Coop had to go potty so I took him to the bathroom. While I was helping him on the toilet Chloe threw her pacifier IN the toilet. I had to fish it out with my BARE hands and then attempt to sanitize it in the cold water (for some reason the water never gets warm) in the bathroom. By the time I was finished with this whole adventure the last speaker had finished talking and Birch had finished singing in the trio. I was so sad. Lots of people told me it was beautiful.
We had our good friends, the Cox's, over for dinner that afternoon. They brought a yummy turkey and we haf lots of other tasty additions. I made this cute bunny turned out to be a real hit with the kids. My mom used to always make fun stuff like this on holidays. After dinner the kids had a huge Easter Egg hunt in the backyard.
The biggest hit of the day was Oreo joining our family. It kind of disgusts me to even write it that way...maybe I should say we have a new creature that joined our backyard. I am so anti-pet that this was a HUGE decision for Birch and me. We have a few friends that have really talked up how easy of a pet rabbits are and how good a pet is for your kids to have. The kids have begged and begged for years to have a pet. Our answer has always been "no" (minus the few fish we have had over the years--I like them because they don't last longer than a month). I guess I started to think about when I was younger how I did like animals. I had a couple of gerbils and hamsters, toads, goat, turtle, and a dog. I'm not sure when that all changed but it has been a LONG time. My main reasons for not wanting a pet is the increase clean up that they require (the last thing I need is more poop to clean up) and human/pet touching (you know kissy the dog and then kissy the mommy--YUCK).

But here we are...a family with a pet; AND my kids think they have felt a bit of heaven in their lives. Oreo's home is on the outer skits of our property in the trees. He is in a wire cage so the poop just falls to the ground. The kids feed and water the bunny and each day get it out to exercise. They wash their hands when they enter the house and I'm hoping they are not kissing the bunny, though I've just realized that I haven't requested that. So far it hasn't been too painful.
This girl is delighted to have a pet.
Okay, now it is time to show off adorable Chloe. Excuse all the pictures but I just could decide which one to not post so you get them all. Chloe is a mini but totally proportionate for her height. In fact I forgot to mention that I took Chloe back for her follow-up blood work last week for being possibly anemic (which the doctor thought might be contributing to her small size). After two different lab offices tried AND failed to draw blood from my sweet little girl's arm I picked her up in my arms and said "that was enough. She is just fine. All the Dittos are shrimps so leave her alone." Well, maybe I said it a little nicer than that.
Chloe is really starting to get brave with her walking ability. I'm sure it will still be a couple of months but she is pulling herself up on everything.
Now it is time to brag about this precious dress Chloe is wearing. My super duper talented sister Emily is the seamstress. She and her husband are plugging through their last year of dental school and have run into a lack of loans. Emily is dripping with creativity has started sewing the cutest dresses to help the family's finances. You too can own an "EmiTree" one-of-the-kind dress. They run around $30 and you can request colors, etc... Notice the applique work on the front AND back. Just go to her blog and leave her a comment to request yours today (or you can email me for her address).
Chloe has the cutest little snort face.
Walking to daddy.

Happy Easter to all!


kg said...

What a fun Easter you had! Love the bread bunny and Emi's cute dress on Chloe! I'm glad your kids are enjoying Oreo, your like the 6th family I know that has recently gotten a pet!

Leah said...

So proud of you for getting a pet. I kind of feel the same way, we'll see if I decide to be a nice mommy.

Chloe looks adorable as usually, and even CUTER in Emily's darling creation.

Love you!

emily a. said...

Cloeworm looks adorable in the dress- but it really is so big on her. I wish I had thought about that to make the smaller size than what Sage is in. At least you know it'll fit her next summer too. :)

I'm feeling a little embarrassed by your post but that was nice of you to mention the sewing. Love you.

Mama Nirvana said...

What a great post! I love your bread idea (so cute), and you are one brave lady to take on a pet. Our short stint having one really changed my mind.

Chloe is growing so fast and is just perfectly adorable. Your experience at the dr. sounds very similar to something that happened to me. Trust your instincts!

Emily is so talented. I wish I had a daughter to put it to use. Gift maybe????


Leah said...

Also, loving the bunny! SOOO cute.

emily a. said...

Oh, and when did Chloe get teeth? That's it- I'm calling you today.

Matt's Blog said...

Ok...I am dying laughing. I love that you write the way you talk. I had some great laughs over the new pet, the bathroom incident and Cloe at the doctors. The fact that they all happened to you makes them just perfect (except for lil' Cloe getting poked). Love you!