Sunday, April 26, 2009

Go Towards The Light

This last week's pack meeting was extra special for Tyler and Alex. Tyler was awarded his wolf badge plus one gold arrow point and two silver arrow points. He also loaded on several belt loops. Way to go TJ!
Tyler pining on the Mother's Pin for the Wolf award. (side note: I don't own a belt so I didn't tuck in my shirt...I'm not pregnant...and I did go in and get my hair done the following day)

Alex earned the highest honor award possible for cub scout's -- the Arrow of Light. This is earned after you have completed many different things required for the Webelos award (which he got several months ago) plus other stuff.
Alex receiving his arrow of light pin. Way to go Alex!
Alex showing off his awards. The Scoutmaster did a really nice ceremony and painted up Alex and the two other boys with Indian paint to remind them of different qualities they show develop as scouters.

Since becoming involved in the scouting program a few years ago I have really gained an appreciation for the things that scouting teachings young boys. I've enjoyed being both Alex and Tyler's leader and have loved watching them develop new skills.


Mama Nirvana said...

What a great mommy picture. Good to know you like scouts -- I'm just dreading it. 2 1/2 more years.


emily a. said...

Way to go boys! Has your mom told you about her old glory days as a Brownie?

The Ditto clan said...

way to go guys! I know NOTHING about scouts, growing up with 4 sisters and one "uninterested in scouting" brother. Won't be too long before i'm shown the ropes. Congrats Alex and Tyler

Julia said...

Good job, boys! And Sara, no need to explain that you're not pregnant in the picture. You don't even look REMOTELY pregnant.

Matt's Blog said... "uninterested brother", are you talking about the two who got their eagle?

Great your little outfit.

Ditto Family said...

Just to clear up any confusion I am not the "Ditto Clan" blog comment. That would be my sister-in-law. Yes, we have three brothers in our family--all terrific scouters : )