Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hot Rod Tyler

Tyler has had a couple of major accomplishments in the past couple of months.

#1 Tyler won our cub scout den pinewood derby. He and Alex spent a lot of time designing and creating their cars. Alex made a camouflage Humvee and Tyler made a sporty black and orange car. Alex had several good runs but Tyler was on FIRE. It was a pretty exciting night for him as he finished first place.

So a couple of weekends ago Tyler got to compete in the district pinewood derby. What an exciting morning it was for him! He finished third place in his district level. Way to go Tyler!!
Tyler's aunt Blayre was able to spend the morning with him at the races. It ended up being almost an all-day event and the younger kids were ready for naps so Blayre was Tyler's number one cheerleader.
Proud Tyler

While Tyler was competing in the district race I had the privileged of spending the weekend in Seattle at Time Out For Women. We spent Friday shopping at the outlets, eating yummy food, chatting, checking into our nice hotel, and then the evening we heard a couple of great speakers and some wonderful violin music by the famous Jenny Oaks Baker. Saturday I relished having my soul filled with great speakers and the most delicious meal at a Brazilian restaurant in downtown Seattle called Ipanema Grill. I enjoyed every minute of my weekend get-away.

#2 Tyler also made the 65 mileage club at school a couple of weeks ago. This means that he has run 65 miles during Thursday lunch recess since the beginning of the school year. On average he runs 3 miles each 25 minute recess. He earned his shirt and is quite proud to wear it around. Tyler's goal is to run 72+ miles by the end of the year. I don't think he will have a problem accomplishing that goal. I'm always in ah at people that love to run. Keep it up TJ!


kg said...

Congrats Tyler! And sounds like a fun girls weekend Sara!

Leah said...

Tyler, you're awesome! Almost as awesome as your hot pink shirt.

emily a. said...

That really is so cool you've run 65 miles Tyler. There aren't too many adults that can even say that. So proud of you!

Duludes said...

You guys have been super busy this week. I have tried dropping by several times and to no avail nobody is home. So sad. Well at least you are keeping busy with fun and exciting things.
Oh I'm so glad you said that there is a Brazilian Grill in Seattle I will have to take Joel there for sure.

Julie said...

Great job running Tyler! I'm with you Sara, I look up to those who run, but I don't do it myself. Well, gotta go watch Conference now! Take care!