Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just can't get enough of...

S C O U T I N G !

Yes, another scouting entry. Yesterday the boys made some really cool American flags that passed of a requirement for their religious knot. I thought I would share the idea because it really was an easy project and they turned out really cute. This was another double wammy project as it will also end up being a Mother's Day gift.

All you need is:

-10 painters stir sticks
-red, blue, white paint
-sponge brush
-a star
-wood glue
-wire or jute
-sand paper
-access to a drill

First I glued all the painters stir sticks to the diagonal stick and broke (actually Birch sawed two shorter) sticks to the seven front stir sticks. Then the boys painted the strips and the blue section. The trick for this was only having one color of paint out at a time and then having the boys wash their sponge brushes in between colors so they weren't tempted to go crazy with the paint. The tape really helped keep the blue area crisp. Then we glued the star on. After they finished painting they sanded the flag real quick and then stained it. Then I tied the jute and/or wire through the holes that my awesome husband had drilled. I couldn't decide which way I wanted them to hang so Birch did half and half.

Wham Bam...one hour later just like that a super cheap craft (especially if you wear your scout shirt to the paint store and get all 66 needed stir sticks donated). The boys did a great job! Nate made one this afternoon with an extra kit I had and loved putting it together. GO USA!!


emily a. said...

Very cute Sara.

kg said...

You always amaze me! Yay for scouting :)

The Ditto clan said...

Those turned out very cute!

Robyn said...

Totally gonna snatch this idea -- the 4th of July is just around the corner.