Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Coop Turns Three

I had plans on putting together this post on Coopy's birthday but it seems as though we do not have the capability of NOT sharing at our house. I've spent the last three days hovering over the toilet and my bed. We're about half way through the family so I figure that by next week we will be ready for another bug...and it better not be the swine flu bug.

We were all healthy (or at least we thought we were) while celebrating Coop's big day. Coop started it out by a stroller date with dad to pick out donuts. Then he made a trip to Home Depot for some supplies that daddy needed and then got to stop by Toys R' Us to pick out his $3 toy from our good friend Geoffrey (the giraffe). He picked out two motorcycles with guys on them. He was in heaven! The rest of the day was spent at the park, working in the yard, and having a yummy dinner and presents.
Sweet baby Coopy ...and what a big boy he is three years later. Pretty exciting present, huh. Coop actually has great manners so this game ought to be a breeze for him. Off to the park for a picnic lunch. Alysee, Nate, and Coop loved feeding the ducks. Alysee and Chloe relaxing in the warm sun. Coop requested pizza and green jello for dinner. It was a pretty tasty homemade pizza if I don't say so myself. We LOVE Coopy!!

I put together a little video to capture a bit of Coop's cuteness. Before watching I must warn you that it is on a tad bit on the long side. Also, though it does not appear so on the video, Cooper does have the ability to not twitch, wiggle, touch his face constantly, and he does in fact look at people in their eyes. I think he might have had a touch of video stage fright.

(side note: Just in case you are wondering after watching this Cooper is not part of the "Blue Man Group" appears that the borrowed camera we were using was having a bit of a blue issue, oh well.)


kg said...

I love those sweet baby pictures! What a cute little three year old you have!

You have been celebrating a lot lately!! Fun!

Mama Nirvana said...

I can't believe he is three!!! He is such a sweet cutie!

Feel better soon -- I'm so sorry -- that is the worst!


Julia said...

Happy Birthday, Coop!

emily a. said...

I can tell you've talked a lot about smoking in your family.

Coopy is such a cute little guy but I got a little motion sickness watching him.

Matt's Blog said...

He has the sweetest voice and great vocab! Love that kid!