Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gap2Gap 2009

What an action packed day this has been at our house! It started early this morning as Alex, Tyler, and Alysee put on their TEAM YAKIDITTS race attire. Some last minute changes in baseball this week allowed the kids to quickly throw together a team for the 25th Annual Gap2Gap 5-leg relay race. This year over 400 kids competed in the youth division. The kids have been "training" the last couple of evenings by running around the house, setting up a rollerblading course, and biking. They each worked hard designing their t-shirts.
Team YakiDitts!!!
The cute backends...oh, I mean backsides of the kids' shirts.
Look at Alysee go! As soon as she decided to participate in the race she knew immediately that she would like to have a ponytail for the run.
I was SO proud of Alysee when I saw her peak over the hill at the end of her mile run. She's run 35 miles this year at the school's mileage club but most of it is done hand-in-hand with a girlfriend while picking flowers and looking for rollie-pollies. This run was a huge accomplishment for her. I have to admit I was getting a little teary as I was cheering her on at the end.
One totally wiped out girl! It didn't help that it was 90 degrees outside.
Alex did awesome on the 2.5 mile biking portion of the race. He said the hardest part was definitely the hill he had to climb at the end.
Alex then passed off the wristband to Tyler for the inline skating leg.
Tyler took off like a speed demon on his roller blades.
I was really impressed with Alex's kayaking skill. He was confident and quick out in the water.
The cheerleaders!
Tyler finishing the final part of the obstacle and run portion. He's run 76 miles at school this year during his recesses so no one was worried about him having the stamina to complete this final leg.
They did it!!! Team YakiDitts ended up placing fourth in their division out of nine teams. They were only seven minutes behind the first place team. Awesome!
Birch was one worn out daddy. It's a lot of work being the photographer and running to each transition point.
Cheerleader Coop
Cheerleader Nate--who can't wait to compete in next year's race.
Cheerleader Chloe

I put together a really fun video of the kids race. The kids are already planning next year's race. Only problem is I think their daddy is planning on competing too. I think we're going to need some more adult helpers next year. Wanna come watch? Check out the video--


Leah said...

This is AWESOME! That is SO cool they have this kind of things for kids there. I'm jealous.

kg said...

What a great family event. I love the picture of you cheering!!

Matt's Blog said...

Loved the video...good job guys!

Matt's Blog said...

Loved the video...good job guys!

emily a. said...

First of all I loved Alysee's bum shot- she's got sass! Next, got to love the fact that her mind was on what hairstyle she'd have for the race. I'm sure Alex was pleased about that....

I am so proud of those 3. That really is quite an accomplishment and so cool they did it together!

emily a. said...

I forgot to mention how in love I am with Chloe's smile and miniest pig tails. SO ADORABLE.

Cami said...

What a fun thing for them to do together.

Heidi said...

What a great family you have. You and Birch are amazing to instill such drive in your kids.

Julia said...

That is so cool that the kids did that. And the picture of Birch is priceless. He looks like either a really tired daddy or a drunk trying to run off with your stroller.

Amanda said...

I love all the pictures! I think I could only get one of my kids to do that. The rest would rather watch or catch bugs! That is really cool! Oh and I love your little ones pig tails!!!

Elyse said...

You have the CUTEST family!!! Such a cool experience, you're kids ROCK=)

Elyse said...

PS: guess I failed the Your, You're test eh? =p