Tuesday, June 16, 2009


What daddy takes six kids camping by himself?? Yep, I married a good one. Birch actually did go up with another friend and two of his kids. Chloe stayed home with me, so the sixth kid was a friend who was moving the next day...guess it was kind of a farewell camping trip and end of the school year celebration.
The hardcore campers -- just as Birch was loading up the van to head up to the campsite the thunder started and the rain came pouring down. That didn't deter the kids from wanting to camp, so away they went.
Everyone enjoyed fire-roasted hot dogs and s'mores for dinner.
Nate heading to the dock -- The next morning everyone headed down to the dock to catch some fishes.
No luck with the fishes but the kids still had a great time.
Silly Coop
Tyler and Alex fishing away
Alex showing off how brave he is to hold a worm. Coop was SURE he wanted to eat the worms until Birch opened up the container and showed Coop was a worm really is. Guess they don't look as tasty as they do in the movie "How to eat fried worms."
Coop, the fisherman
Then the kids all took turns going for canoe rides with our friend Stuart Cardon.
Alysee, Coop, Maddie (Stu's child), and Nate all waiting their turn for a canoe ride.
After packing up camp everyone headed out for a little hike. Coop found a great hiking stick.
The rain started coming down but Alysee didn't mind; she was fully prepared in her bright yellow rain jacket.

Chloe and I spent Friday night at a really boring and loooong cub scout day camp meeting. After putting Chloe to bed I treated myself to a big bowl of popcorn and a movie. Saturday morning I had a date with Norah Jones and kept myself busy with vacuuming, cooking, cleaning, and blogging. I think it is safe to say we ALL enjoyed our time.

Everyone went to bed exhausted on Saturday night. Apparently there were some pretty good campfire stories told that kept the kids up until 11 pm Friday night. Alex was sure he had slept in on Saturday morning but I understand that the kids were all up by 6 am ready to start their day-time adventures. I'm sure grateful for kids that love to spend time with their daddy and a daddy that loves to spend time with his kids!


Mama Nirvana said...

What fun! I feel the exact same way. Mike can hardly stand to do anything without bringing at least some of the kids along. In a year or so ALL of our kids will be on adventures with their dads. Maybe we should meet in Portland for a girls' night :)


PS: And the pictures you guys are getting with your new camera is just amazing.

emily a. said...

These are great pictures. I want to go camping with the Dittos.

kg said...

Wow Birch! Well done. Sara, what movie did you watch?

Amy D. said...

I don't even know what to say.....what a dad!!

Fowler family said...

Who took these pictures? They're amazing!