Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea

A year ago today, Chloe was born; just the cutest sweet pea ever.
She was loved by her siblings even before she arrived and they have doted on her ever since.
One year later she has grown into one cute shrimpy sweet pea. I'm guessing she weighs around 16 pounds like her big sister did at one year old.
Align CenterThe kids were a little jealous that Chloe got her own personal cake. It was a lemon/orange jello cake with cool whip frosting.
She seemed to think it was OH SO YUMMY!
Chloe was surprisingly quite excited to open up her one lone present.
She's now joined GIRL POWER with her big sis' Alysee and her mommy.
Chloe we love you from the tip of your little loopy buns....
... to the bottom of your cute little pink painted toes.
Enjoy a little movie about our peanut Chloe...


emily a. said...

I love that girl too. I'm loving her little hair nubbins. Super cute. I can't believe she's 1 years old.

Matt's Blog said...

So cute...we miss you guys!

Mama Nirvana said...

Sara, she is just so precious and adorable. She just looks like sunshine -- the best smile! Sam must be shrimpy too. He barely weighs 18 pounds.

Duludes said...

Heck I can't believe that she is 1 either. It was just the other day you had Alysee and we had moved into the Ward. How time flies. I was just wondering who is it that you have used for your Mid-wife? My friend is looking for one and it seemed like several people in 4th ward used the same one I just don't remember who it is.
I take it you guys survived with out your car for a few days, did you end up getting a rental?

Fowler family said...

what a cute video and beautiful song. I love that yawn picture.

Happy Birthday Chloe!

And that mom that was in the plane crash was nienie or Stephanie Nielsen. Her blog is: Go check her out. She's such an inspiration.

kg said...

A year already! So cute. Want a bite of the cake. Do you squeeze the bracelet on? Gracie's is too big, but I'm afraid to bend it?