Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recipe for a Daddy

Recipe for an Awesome Daddy

3 cups Child Diarrhea (A couple of weeks ago Chloe was under the weather. Near the end of church Birch had been caring for Chloe and BLAST!!! Yep, somehow the diarrhea missed her diaper and squirted ALL over Birch's suit. He took the blow in such stride and now has a very clean dry cleaned suit. What I would have done to have had a camera with me!)

1 1/2 cup Nighttime Throw up Duty (I grew up with my dad being the night time clean up man for throw up. I'm not sure if Birch and I ever discussed this but he has fulfilled that nighttime duty marvelously.)

3/4 cup Hard Worker (Whether it is the kind of employee Birch is, fix-it man around the house, mechanic, athletic activity, doing church service, or yard worker -- Birch never stops until the job is done and done well. Recently he built these fantastic stairs going down from our garden to our backyard. No more muddy feet!)
3 T. Kid Fun (Having six kids is such a balancing act. Who am I is a balancing act?! Each day Birch hears the kids say "Can I play with you?" Although he feels that he is never able to satisfy their "play" need he tries so hard to spend time with each of them. He's such a loving daddy to each of them!)

1/2 t. Lover Man
(It's hard for me to share Birch with the kids!! Just like the kids, I love spending time with my Lover. Many of my favorite memories together are the trips that we have been able to go on the last several years together without the kids. It's so nice to be able to just focus on each other. I sure lucked out when Birch bought that "dinner for two" at the Institute Valentines Auction in February 1996.)

1/8 t. Thoughtfulness (Birch is very good at expressing his love in little notes. Almost daily I wake up to a little love note on my computer screen. Each Monday when he makes the kids lunch he writes them a love not on their napkin. I know they treasure each Monday's lunch (probably also because he gives them dessert and I rarely ever do). Often Birch will leave the kids little notes congratulating them on their homework or a great picture they drew.)

1/4 t. Spirituality (A spiritual giant I married...Birch is always trying to strengthen his testimony of God. He is a very intellectual and smart man and enjoys studying about different gospel topics. A true example to me!)

Mix it all together and bake for 13.5 years and you'll have an awesome daddy!

Birch and the kids Memorial Day 2009


Mama Nirvana said...

What a wonderful post! Enjoy your Father's Day today!


Leah said...

Oh my gosh. What a GREAT picture of Birch and all the kids. I love it!! You ARE amazing Birch!

emily a. said...

Birch is a fantastic daddy. You did manage to make me queasy in the stomach with your first subject. So gross.

Matt's Blog said...

Not sure I can handle ready the first part of the recipe, although I did have a good laugh over it. are truly a great guy!

Matt's Blog said...

Sorry, I hit publish before realizing I spelled Birch wrong.