Friday, June 5, 2009

These Two Boys

As the school year comes to a close and summer with a house full of kids is just around the corner I've been thinking a lot about Nate and Coop. Nate just finished up preschool and is now constantly itchin' to have a friend come over or a project to do. I always remind him how lucky he is to have Coop to play with all the time. He often says, "Yeah, but I was wanting to play with someone older." Despite that desire Coop and Nate spend A LOT of time together.

These two boys...are quite creative and even a bit mischievous together.
Apparently Nate is sticking a stick down his pants for a weapon.
These two boys...are goofy.
These two boys...are often covered in owies.
A couple of weeks ago Nate was rocking in his dining room chair (like I've told him not to) and flipped backwards and somehow the booster chair sliced his chin. It was pretty deep and bloody. Nate was really brave as I superglued him together again. I always question myself whether we should take him into the ER or glue him up ourselves. It's the $800 bill we had to pay AFTER our insurance paid their 80% that has helped make this decision when Coop had to be superglued a couple of years ago. I think Nate will have a little scar with this injury. About four days after I glued him his chin started to split again but by then it was too late for stitches or another round of glue. I think the scar is worth the money we will have saved, though.
Alysee and Tyler felt really bad for Nate and so they made him this lego love note.

These two to play outside.
Nate is quite the little bike rider.
These two boys...are my boys.
While Coop naps in the afternoons Nate has been drawing up a storm.
One of Coop's favorite things to do is to go on youtube and find motorcycle movie clips for him to watch. He loves watching motorcycle stunts. I'm hoping that his love for motorcycles can be fulfilled through his youtube viewings. Coop wasn't so cute this last week when he and one of his best friends Abbey, smeared Desitin all over my new master bath room tiled floor then put about 1/2 inch of water on top of that and then "tried" to clean it up with mounds of soggy toilet paper. I was NOT a happy mommy, which Cooper was very aware of when he told his friend, "My mom is MEAN and WHINEY."
Yep, I love these two boys!


Mama Nirvana said...

Just like John and Charlie :) It's so love/hate. Your boys are just so precious and adorable.


Leah said...

What a sweet post. I love that they are best buddies!

Julia said...

Mean AND whiny? That's a killer combo. Aside from the Desitin stunt, your boys are so adorable!

Fistful of Coupons said...

I LOVE this post! Boys will be boys. They are soo stinking cute.You are so good at your photograpy. By the way, would you mind reposting your summer schedule blog post you did a while ago? I remember something about "friends friday" or something..I need some help..only a week away! :)

emily a. said...

I love the picture where you caught Nate with that stick down his pants. Hope they didn't get any splinters on their pebble.

The Ditto clan said...

so cute. Don't worry i'm sure i'm twice as mean and twice as whiney!