Saturday, June 13, 2009

We Made It!!!

The past couple of weeks have been FULL. The nights have been busy with band concerts, LOTS of baseball tournament games, and end of the school year parties.
Alex finished up his first year playing the trumpet. It truly amazes me how all these kids can choose an instrument and then nine months later be able to actually sound good. Alex's band director pulled me aside at the last concert and told me that Alex has some natural ability that he really hopes Alex will continue to improve upon. Alex thinks that he might have inherited some musical talent from his dad, uncles, and Grandpa. I'm pretty sure that he didn't get it from me. I played the piano and flute for years and I can barely play a thing.

A bit about Alex from a end of the year memory book he made:

-My best advice for anyone, anywhere: "Don't use drugs."
-My best advice for someone my age: "Be healthy and fit"
-My most important short-term goal: "In 7th grade make the school baseball team."
-My realistic idea for a career: "Engineer or physical therapist"
-My greatest fear: "Getting shot or falling off a 2000 mile high cliff"
-What I value most in a friend is: "friendliness"
-The skill I am going to learn this summer: "How to throw a screwball and improve my curve ball"
-My hero: "My dad because he teaches me the skills I need to know in everyday life and he heps me improve in sports."

I can't believe I'm a mommy of a middle schooler. Yikes!! Alex is so excited!

We have been living, eating, and drinking baseball since March. It has been fun to have Alex and Tyler play on the same team (in fact I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't have been physically or emotionally possible to have had them on two different teams with all the time commitment baseball requires).
The tournament games were really quite good. It was great to see the team come together and really play as a team. Alex pitched a couple of great games. The final game ended up being on a Sunday. The boys didn't even think twice about not playing on Sunday. The coaches were supportive, though certainly expressed the great loss (both ways) that they felt not having the boys play.

One of the highlights of one of the last tournament games was when the team was so far ahead that the coaches allowed each boy that had wanted to try pitching have a turn. Tyler had been eager all season to give this a try. It was so cute (I'm sure he wouldn't like that term) to see him out there in his fine form using all his strength and practiced ability to pitch those balls. He was just beaming!!
A bit about Tyler from his school memory book he made:

Favorite Food: "cheese zombie, BBQ, treats, and KFC"
Favorite Book: "Gronimo Stilton, The Chocolate Touch"
Favorite Activities: "math, skateboarding, ricking bike, and doing art"
My Favorite Thing About 2nd Grade: "was making the landforms, other activities"
Future Plans: "Be a track star or a BMX driver"

Alysee has been anxious to sleep in, watch Curious George in the mornings, go to the library, catch bugs, play with Nate, and have lots of time to work on writing her stories. I know she is going to miss her friends at school and especially her teacher, Mrs. Rimmer. Alysee was given the nickname "Trixie" by her teacher the first week of school due to some "tricky" skills that she had of bouncing a ball while doing some sort of academic thing to stimulate her brain.

In Alysee's memory book that she made at school she says, "My best memory of 1st grade is...when I just got to first grade and lirnd new stof. Also when I lirnd to tell time. The best memory is going on feeld trips all the time!"

I've filled the summer calender up with swim lessons for five of the kids, golf lessons for Alex, ballet camp for Alysee, playdates at the park, community kid events, library reading challenge, trip to see the Mammoth dig, cub scout day camp, 11 year old scout camp, family reunion, art projects, and several fun weekend trips to see family. Having stuff on the calender helps me feel prepared and not quite so overwhelmed. Here's to a great summer!!


emily a. said...

Well if you were bad at the flute I was horrible. At least you graduated to using the entire flute and not just blowing in the mouthpiece.

Loved reading about my nephews and niece- they are so cute and I miss them!

Mama Nirvana said...

Having stuff on the calendar makes me want to take to my bed and not get up. Your kids are amazing, Sara, because they have an amazing mother.


Matt's Blog said...

Don't know how you keep it all together! You guys are great...

kg said...

Wew! You have me tired already...I'm with Matt, don't know how you do it all! Glad you mae it and here's to great summer!!Keep those fun summer ideas coming...