Friday, July 3, 2009

16.3 lbs. of Pure Trouble

If Chloe is not sleeping, eating, or clinging to my legs she is out on a rampage. This girl is trouble! Sometimes I wonder why all the kids have to go through the same know: playing IN the dishwasher, dumping all the books off her little bookshelf, pulling out all the toilet paper off the roll, getting into cupboards, getting into their big sister's dress-up make-up, sneaking candy from their big sister's "secret" hiding place, getting into mommy's tampon cupboard, dumping over garbage's therefore requiring all garbage's to go on top of the get the idea.
"Hum...I wonder what this is? Sure is a pretty box."
"Maybe I'll try eating it."
"Nasty!!" (Side note: Apparently Chloe did not learn her lesson because the following week our financial adviser was meeting with us at our house and Chloe came crawling out to where we were meeting "smokin'" a tampon cardboard. YUMMO!!)

"I come like little doggy as soon as I hear the dishwasher door open."
"I love sucking on old dirty dishes or throwing all the clean silverware on the floor."

Here's the catch...Chloe is just so darn cute while causing such havoc.
This week's 12 mo. appointment verifies Chloe's shrimp measurement's.

16.3 lbs BIG (1% national average scale)
26 2/4" TALL (2% national average scale)
44 1/4 cm Head Circumference (24% national average scale)


emily a. said...

Those stages sound familiar except she hasn't found my tampons yet. She might be shrimpy but she's an adorable shrimp!

The Ditto clan said...

I hope you meant 16.3 lbs?? :) I totally know what you're going through. Claire is the same way. Today I caught her shoving her finger down a tube of chapstick and using it as lotion. And yesterday she climbed on my bathroom counter and covered my mirror in handsoap. Luckily they're cute!

kg said...

Hmmm sounds familiar! Grace is a force to be reckon with! Chloe is a cutie!

Mama Nirvana said...

What an absolute doll! We have the same problem around here. I can't even empty the dishwasher when he is awake. And the things he has dumped and the garbage he has eaten. Yuck!