Friday, July 31, 2009

Am I a Pre-teen Now?

When Alex asked me this question the other day, reminding me that HE is now 11 years old, I went into a little parental shock. Am I a parent of a PRE-TEEN now?

While in Oregon Alex not only played hard but he partied hard too. My mom made Alex his favorite cake, a Boston Cream Pie. He also designed his own dinner complete with BBQ chicken, rice-a-roni, green beans (he didn't choose those), fruit, and Sprite.
Wonder what he wished for?
The morning started out with a trip to a Par 3 course for a couple of hours of golf with Poppi and Daddy. Alex has been taking weekly golf lessons all summer though First Tee Golf. It's a nationwide program that promotes golf through teaching kids nine "core values." We've been really impressed with the program (plus it is FREE) and Alex is always so excited for his weekly lesson.
From golf we headed to the zoo and then drove the rest of the way home so he could open a few more presents. Alex was delighted with his new mountain bike and other fun goodies. He sure looks handsome in those new shirts.

Alex is a pretty awesome kid! He is a self motivator, a wonderful brother, trustworthy, smart, athletic, and a handsome kid. From the get-go he has been a fighter and has endured several surgeries to re-create his ear and now is venturing into the orthodontic world to start working on his jaw and teeth issues that are correlated with his microtia. Alex dreads trips to doctors' offices but yet is brave and he is great at offering empathetic advice to those going through similar situations.

So how are the following four pictures connected?

Last September Alex came to me and asked if I thought he could finish reading the Book of Mormon by his birthday if he started reading it then. I found this great online calculator that can figure out how much you need to read each day in order to meet your desired completion goal. So that day he started reading and he finished one week before his birthday. I just think this is such an incredible goal to complete when you are eleven years old. A couple of months ago we decided that his award for finishing reading would be dinner at his choice of restaurant with JUST mom and dad (Chloe ended up weaselling her way into the dinner too) and going out to a movie at the theatre. Having a large family means not a lot of one-on-one time and dinner and movie is a rarity--so this was pretty exciting. Birch and I are so proud of Alex. Not only is this an awesome goal to have attained but it is something that will benefit him for life. Tyler is just behind Alex in reading and should be done by his birthday as well. What an example to me!!

We love you Alex!!!
Coming home from the hospital -- July 1998


Mama Nirvana said...

I don't know if I've seen any baby pictures of Alex -- he is just so cute! What an amazing boy/pre-teen you have. He must have pretty special parents.


emily a. said...

I am so impressed by you Alex! That's such an accomplishment to have read the Book of Mormon in a year- you've beat your favorite Aunti for sure. And a pre-teen? I don't know that I've ever used that word before in my life.

Such a handsome young man!

Matt's Blog said...

Alex you are a great kid! I can't believe you are already 11. Congrats on all you've accomplished!

Jessica said...

Alex, definitely a pre-teen! You look so old! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!

Dunstan Family said...

111 years old crazyyy!!! It was good to see you at the picnic.

Annie Ditto said...

WOO-HOO! Way to go Alex!! What a wonderful goal you set and even better to accomplish it! You are an AWESOME Pre-Teen!! :)