Wednesday, July 15, 2009

City Slicker

Goodness July is just flying by! Alex just had his first experience going to scout camp a couple of weeks ago. Since our family does not do sleepovers this was a pretty big deal to be away from home for three nights. Birch was able to join Alex on the last night and enjoy a full day following Alex around to all his fun activities.

When I think of scout camp I can't help but think of the first year my older brother Matt went scout camp. As my memory has it, our family came up for the last day of camp and Matt looked like a little black boy. He claimed that he was just suntanned when in reality he had a thick layer of dirt covering his white body. Anyway, I was totally expecting Alex to come home covered in dirt. His toes were on the dirty side but he was still definitely my white son. (And Matt, that is no bash on you--just a funny memory.)
Alex and his other troop homeys!
Making the final touchdown that won the competitive game of capture the flag.
Archery was one of Alex's highlights of the camp.
One morning Alex and Birch got up early and went to Mount Rainer to see the sunrise. This is one of Birch's favorite things to do and I'm thinking he is hoping Alex catches the bug.
You got to click on this picture to see Alex's neck straining. This captures when Alex was working on something for his first class. He says this is actually a lot harder to do then it looks.
Another favorite of scout camp was his trail ride on "Rowdy."

Alex also had a great time canoeing, riffle shooting, eating unlimited yummy food, orienteering, having camp fires, sleeping with his friends, and almost completing his first class badge. It's amazing how when just one of the kids are gone it changes the whole family dynamics and really creates a hole. We missed you Alex but we're so glad you had a great time!


emily a. said...

Matt can't dispute his dark "tan". I distinctly remember that and remember how let down he looked when he came out of the bathroom after showering. Funny memory.

Matt's Blog said...

This is a great post. Sorry the lies that our parents have continued this many years. I WAS tan!