Thursday, July 16, 2009 we come!

We just can't seem to get enough fun in this summer. Last weekend we were off on our annual trip to Lake Cavanaugh (just north of Seattle). This year was the BEST weather we have ever had. I LOVED soaking up all that sun shine. I spent most of my waking hours laying in the lawn chair reading a great book. The kids spent every hour playing. Seriously, how do they have enough energy to do that all day? Birch spent every morning and evening skiing until his arms couldn't hold on any longer. And to top it off...we were spending each moment with family that we love.
Where the fun and relaxation all happens!
Nate looks forward to these wave runner rides all year long. Birch and him were the first to take off for an adventuresome ride.
Nate got really brave and loved jumping off the dock.
We made this fun contraption for a cub scout team building project earlier this year. The kids had a blast filling the funnel with water balloons and then launching them.
Tuttu Chloe loving the lake water with her big brother, Alex.
The boys (Alex and Tyler) were a little more brave this year and loved tubing together.
So sweet!

Gangster cousins, Addy and Nate.
All aglow...Chloe Ruth.
Alysee loves hauling Chloe around; too bad it is not a little more two sided.
Wild Aunti Blayre and her mini--Alysee loved some fast waver runner rides together.
Tyler became four dollars richer after finally taking the plunge off the rope swing.
Alex had a great time on the rope swing.
Coop spent the first half of the vacation like this...hanging out next to the hot tub (while trying to keep his swim trunks on).
Coop spent the second half of the trip IN the hot tub. Once Mommy finally got in the water Chloe was one happy water baby. It was hard to pull Cooper out of the hot tub for any meals or bed time.
Daddy's still got IT!!
Mommy ain't got IT!
By the last day all the kids were tubing pros.
Chloe wasn't in love with her boat time...I wonder why?
These two girls are inseparable!!!! They spent EVERY waking hour playing in the hot tub and then running over to the lake. It is so fun to have them be at the age where they are not only nice to each other (cousins do have the capabilities to fight) but that they just LOVE each other.

Are we really half way done with summer? We're having too much fun to stop.


emily a. said...

This really looks like such a fun week. Sara, your hair looks really cute. Did you go blonder? I need to get my hair done badly.

kg said...

Wow, what a fun week!! Looks like heaven for the kids...and parents! Sara you look fab!

Duludes said...

Yeah your hair looks great is that the cute and color from Angela Perez? Cloe looks so cute squished in her life vest. Can't wait to see you on Tuesday.

Cami said...

What a great time! I can't belive summer is zooming by so quickly.

Leah said...

Ditto on the hair comment. You look hot.

Looks like such a fun trip. I'm jealous.

Matt's Blog said...

What a great tradition and fun time for all!

Keri said...

Looks like fun! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever. At least I can look on your blog and keep in touch :)

Amanda said...

It looks like the Ditto Family vacation was a lot of fun! I am a little jelous! Ok A LOT!!! OURs go a little differently... But we always have fun especailly now that we have talked some friends in to coming along! Water skiing is more fun with friends!

Dunstan Family said...

you certainly know how to have fun I will have to take some lessons from you on how to have fun.