Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wild Weekend...Wild Waters

We just came back from a great weekend in Spokane. Birch had a continuing education course for three days so we all went along and had a great cousin/Grannie weekend. We filled each day with lots of yummy food, a great course of miniature golf, swimming at the community pool, movies at Grannie's house, Alex and Tyler playing endless Yahtzee with Grannie, and non-stop crazy playing with lots of cousins. The camera stayed tucked away most of the weekend so not much of the fun was documented.
Nate was in heaven playing with one of his favorite cousins, Addison. Those two boys are a wild and fun combo.

Monday morning we packed up our stuff and hopped in the car and headed to Moses Lake Water park. We've heard lots of great things about this water park but had never made it there until now. For a water park the prices were great and to top it off you are even allowed to bring in your own food. Aunti Annie and her three kids joined us for a wonderful sunny day in the water. We all had a great time together but I do think that all the adults agreed that having one more BIG person with us would have been quite helpful.
Tyler loved the lazy river. Chloe really loves the water which made it extra fun to take her to the water park. This daddy sure loves his little girl. Chloe and her cousin Hailey are just a month apart. They were so cute together all weekend. Still not walking on her own...Chloe loved the security of her daddy's fingers and splashing in the water.
Birch tried his hand at surfing on this simulator thing. He wasn't too successful. I'm thinking if his brother's were there that it could have been quite a competitive quest. We hardly saw Alex all day. He bounced from water slide to water slide, down the lazy river, over to eat some food, and out to swim. Coop had a great time trying to be a fishy in the shallow water. I just love this little bum crack picture Birch caught of Coop while playing in the sand at their great playground. I'm still recuperating from my stupidity. Currently I could be wearing nothing and still look like I had a swim suit on. For some reason I didn't do quite as good of a job putting sunscreen on my poor white legs and other body parts as I did with the rest of the kids. This morning I was remembering a similar incident when I first arrived at BYU-Hawaii and forgot that I was a pale mainlander that only burns. I remember for days I could only wrap a lava lava around my neck due to the brilliant red color of my skin.
Nate loved the little kids water slides and digging in the sand at the park.
We loaded up the tubes with LOTS of children on the lazy river. All the kids loved floating along.

Everyone was tired by the end of the day and ready to head home. We stopped at Taco Del Mar for a yummy dinner before hitting the road home. They were having a special where kids eat free with a paying adult so we all ate for $10.00. Now that's some yummy cheap tacos! What a great weekend!!!


Mama Nirvana said...

Looks like so much fun! I hope your sunburn heals soon -- I've had my share and they are horrible.


kg said...

SO fun!! I love the pic of Birch and Chloe with the splashing water!

Duludes said...

I'm going to ML water park nest Tuesday. It should be a blast. I haven't been since they added the lazy river and surf simulator. I will try and remember to wear sunscreen since I'm like you I just fry.

Keri said...

Sorry about the sunburn...yuck!! I have heard about that water park but we've never gone. I guess I will add it to my wish list of fabulous things to do around here :)

P.S.- I was so lonely in the Mother's room on Sunday without you and Tara to chat with!

Leah said...

I remember pictures from that Hawaii burn experience!

Love those pictures of Birch and Chloe. Nice work! Looks like everyone had tons of fun!

emily a. said...

That really does look like so much fun. I haven't been to a water park in years. No swimsuit shots of you? Those pictures with Chloworm and Birch really are adorable.

Matt's Blog said...

Great day...would have loved to see more pictures of Birch's surfing experience!

Annie Ditto said...

I had to laugh a little at Matt's comment...I would have loved to see Birch stay on the surf board long enough to capture a few more pictures!!
We had so much fun! The kids are counting the days until Cavanaugh!