Thursday, August 13, 2009

Double the Pleasure

This week is a party week at our house. Birch celebrated his 36th birthday on Monday and I celebrated my 34th birthday yesterday.
I'm sad to say, Monday was pretty low-key. I was all worn out from our recent entertaining so my preparation for the day was minimal. Next year will be better Birch! We did enjoy a tasty dinner (complements of Schwanns) of stuffed chicken breast, watermelon, corn on the cob, and a tomato basil salad. Dessert was a yummy brownie turtle sundae. Alex did an awesome job at making the brownies all by himself.
Yesterday we had an intense quick rainstorm. The rain drops were HUGE. Coop, Alysee, and Nate ran outside to ride bikes in the rain. I thought they looked pretty cute in their raincoats.
My birthday was celebrated in kind of a usual stay-at-home mom day. The exception to that was the fun and tasty breakfast in the bed that Alex, Tyler, and Nate made for me. They made me muffins (from a box), toasted English muffin, and juice. When they came into my room they were prancing around IN COSTUME like nerds and hobos singing "Happy Birthday." We went to story time, met Birch for lunch, and then went to the US Air force band concert at the park for dinner. The band was awesome!
Alysee decided that she wants to be a band conductor.
Nate wants to be a dancing band conductor.
Chloe was in heaven eating pizza, licorice, and nectarines all while dancing to the great music.

So another year older and MUCH wiser for the two of us! I'm feeling a bit older as I decided to go with a new hair cut style for my birthday makeover and I even have noticed that I need to wear deodorant a bit more than in the past. Maybe I'll advance from my training bra next year...


Matt's Blog said...

Happy Birthday to the both of you!

Mama Nirvana said...

Oh, Sara, you always leave me with a smile. You do not need a makeover. You are one of the most beautiful women that I know. Happy Birthday, my friend.


Dunstan Family said...

Haha you are too funny !!! Happy Birthday!!! :)

Leah said...

Love the hair! Happy birthday to you both. So does that mean when I hid my mid 30s that I'll finally make it into a training bra?

Julie said...

I read through quite a few of your last few entries and loved all the pictures and your cute captions. So happy to see you enjoying your summer. Happy Birthday!

emily a. said...

I'm laughing so hard at your and Leah's comments. The Sherry girls must've been blessed with something other than a nice bustline!

Is Chloe seriously still able to wear those newborn pants? So funny.

Also LOVE your hair. I'd like some more shots of it- 360' please.