Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Freeway update...

It's been a looong and HOT day!!! Tonight the house temperature hung out around 88 degrees. What was I home is Hawaii!!

We have had a productive day with the water disaster team ripping out the laundry room and cabinetry. I didn't even know I was itchin' to give that room a good cleaning. They had to take out the cabinet and sink because after cutting a hole in the toe kick board under the cabinet they put a water probe back through the sub floor and found that water had made its way back there.

Also, the basement shop was cleared out on one side where they cut away about a foot of dry wall to help air out the wall.

The insurance adjuster guy came and was again he was really great to work with. BLESSINGS!!! I walked him through the damage and then he talked with the water guy and then spent about two hours mapping out the house and figuring out what he feels needs to be replaced. He then went to his car (probably because it was cool and quiet) and came up with a proposed claim payment. He brought me an itemized "work needed" list and a check for the full amount (minus our $1000 deductible). If we choose to sub contract the work out ourselves (which we will most likely do) or do the work ourselves then we can potentially not really have to pay our deductible because we would be saving money.

The wood floor is yet to be assessed. We need probably one or two more days to get a better idea if it is drying all the way and if the sub floor is totally drying out. From there we will decide whether refinishing the floors will solve the problem or if the wood floor needs to be totally replaced.

We got the A-OKAY from the furnace people that the actually furnace unit is okay.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a roaster of a day! I'm so thankful for two special friends that washed my loads of towels and bath mats today; with the laundry room torn up I am out a washer for a while.

I'm off to bed! Thanks for all the thoughtful notes and phone calls today. Life does go on...I'll take a house remodel any day over A LOT worse things.


emily a. said...

Good attitude Sara. It is a disaster but at least everyone in your family is safe, healthy and in school!

Kimball and Marianne Larsen said...

Way to keep your smile on! Good Luck with the remodel.

Mama Nirvana said...

Went peach picking with my sister-in-law last night. She just finished up six months of cancer treatments, and when she was first diagnosed she was told that she only had a 50% chance of surviving past two years. Her prognosis is good now, although it could come back at any time. She said when bad things happen, she always thinks "If I only had two years left, how would I react to this situation?". She said that her perspective has totally changed about life's curve balls.

Anyway, can't imagine how hard this is managing every thing, but it will be nice to have a squeaky clean house and maybe even some nice new flooring when this is all over.


Dunstan Family said...

I am sorry. Maybe Coop can come over with Chloe and play for a little bit.
Please call me if you want them come over.

Meta said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog. I'm so sorry to hear about water disaster. That sounds awful. Sure hope your new floor is beautiful! Hope your kids are enjoying school and you can survive all the home improvement work. I'm thinking about you!

Jordan said...

Oh my goodness, I just read your last post...What a frustrating mess! I do agree though that a good attitude can sure go a long way!! Life is just full of adventures, isn't it!? I am glad things are looking up though. So I emailed you during the summer, a rather desperate email asking some questions from someone who is doing the six-kid-thing (YOU) but never heard back. Did you get it? Hope your house gets all better SOON!!

Andrea Fowles said...

Oops- sent it from Jordan's page but it's me.