Friday, September 18, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Many moons ago when life was a bit calmer, Alysee celebrated her seventh birthday. I feel bad that a month later it is just getting posted. Our home is slowly all starting to come together since the water incident...but that is another post itself.

Back to Alysee...
Alysee's birthday was a bit unique this year. She was able to celebrate it in Spokane with her cousins. Her aunts and Grannie put together a great party including a cute pink cake. I don't think Alysee even noticed that her family wasn't there singing along to "Happy Birthday."
This birthday was even extra special because Ami and Poppi and Birch and I gave Alysee a week of Ballerina camp lessons this summer. Oh my, she looked forward to it each day. The last day she preformed her little three minute number for all the parents to watch. I'm not sure I have ever seen her so excited.

Another fun gift that we did while Alysee was gone was redecorate her room. Alysee has begged for a pink room for years...well, it still isn't pink but it sure turned out cute! I wish I had a wide angle lens so you could get the real effect instead you will get bits and pieces.
Light fixture from IKEA
My sister-in-law Annie made all these cute vinyl ladybugs to go all around her room. The saying "Butterfly Kisses and Ladybug Hugs" fits just perfect too.
I can't remember where I got Alysee's bedding but I love it!
Ladybug crib bedding from Target
Curtains from IKEA

I had this idea while Alysee was gone at her cousins to put together these cute digital scrapbooky framed pictures. I LOVE them!!! They are all framed in black and line the back of her wall.
Chloe - 11 mos

When Alysee came home we had our own little family party. She was in birthday heaven!

What can I say about this pint-size girl? She started out as just a little thing seven years ago. Our smallest baby at 5 lb 5 oz and 18" long. For the first month or two she wore doll clothes and people were scared to hold her in fear she might break. She hasn't gotten much bigger in size but boy is she full of personality. WOW!! As she has gotten older her bi-polarness seems to have tamed itself. Alysee is a great sister to Chloe and loves to haul her around. She still loves to pretend play school, church, family, etc... She loves to read, draw, write stories, and is always creating new little habitats for her stuffed animals. Oh yea, she loves to collect little things. In fact don't tell her this but while she was gone to her cousins I took the liberty to sort through some of her treasures and weed out the garbage. I was lucky because she was so excited about her new girly room that she hasn't even missed the disappearing treasures. Alysee is a great student and especially loves the social aspect of school.
Sure do love this girl!


kg said...

Cute girl, cute mom!

Mama Nirvana said...

Of course I love the picture of you two -- your hair is perfection! What a great idea for her room. It looks great!


Leah said...

Darling room. Happy Birthday Alysee. When can we do another photoshoot? You should have put up one of those old pictures of her with the lady bug on her hand!

LOVE your hair. Real cute.

Keri said...

Seems like she was just born, I remember the doll clothes! :) Her room looks awesome, she is lucky to have such a fabulous mom!!!

emily a. said...

Let me try to remember everything.

LOve how Alysee is all dressed up with her skinned knees.

Cute room- love how everything goes together so well.

And your hair- had you just gotten it done? IT's so cute.

i think I remember having that shirt like 10 years ago- am I right?

Happy Birthday Alysee girl!

An said...

What a darling post for your darling daughter. Cute room!