Friday, September 4, 2009

Blessed by the best...pass it on

Mid August our family was treated to a few days with Birch's mom's side of the family--the Harvey's in Newport, WA (right on the Pend Oreille river). The reunion was held at Bear Paw Camp. The location was AWESOME and the facilities were perfect for our large group of 64.
The reunion's theme was "Blessed by the best...pass it on" -- it was a tribute to two wonderful grandparents that now have a posterity of 102. It had been years since our family had attended a reunion so many faces were new to us.
Coop enjoying his licorice/fruit loop bracelet that he made.

I think the kids consumed more candy of the four days that we were all together then they do on Halloween. One of the highlights was Tulua's Store. The kids each were given a chain bracelet and then given the challenge to do good deeds for others. When they did something they were rewarded with a bead to add to their chain. Then a couple of times a day Tulua's store would open and the kids could "buy" things with their accumulated beads. The kids stocked up with candy and all sorts of Dollar Store type toys. They were in heaven.
When I think of the Harvey family a few things come to mind...VERY competitive Rook tournaments, ping pong, and lots talent. I think Grandma Harvey might have played Forrest Gump back when...Birch and his uncle played a tough game against Grandma Harvey and Blayre. As you can see from the picture Birch is dying at Grandma and Blayre's little victory dance they did each time they made a point.
Tyler loved playing tennis with the other cousins.
One night we all got to participate in the family talent show. We were hard up for an idea until the afternoon before we left for the reunion the kids all started coming upstairs in their superhero customs. Within a few minutes I found a cute and cheesy song called "Superhero Medley" and so we all ended up lip syncing to it.
We had two spidermans (Tyler and Alex), Alysee as Wonderwoman, Nate as Superman, Coop as Bateman, and Chloe was Robin. Birch and I were the singer people.
Alysee and cousin Lucy had a fabulous time in the outdoor swimming pool.
All the boys got to make marshmallow guns while the girls made cute little paper bag scrapbooks.
One evening we brought out our water balloon launcher and instead of launching water balloons, all the leftover candy was launched. Aunti Tami did a great job flinging that candy.
As you can imagine the kids went crazy...kind of like a pinata on steroids.
Chloe flirted with everyone but made sure that they kept their distance from touching her. She has such an infectious smile.
Nate and cousin Addision enjoying their dinner--these boys LOVE being with each other.

The meals were all super yummy and very well divided. One of the aunts put together a schedule so each meal had a chairman and then a committee of helpers. It was a great way to get to know other relatives. There was even a commercial dishwasher so clean up wasn't even too painful.
Aunti Blayre is well-loved by ALL the cousins. These girls couldn't get enough of her.
Lastly, Birch and Chloe showing off their reunion t-shirts. I especially love the apron that I came home with that also sports of the reunion logo.

We had such a great time and we're looking forward to 2011!


emily a. said...

I'm so envious of Chloe's pig tails. Sounds like such a fun reunion.

kg said...

I was thinking the same long enough for piggies! Looks like a great time and sounds like the perfect location!

Matt's Blog said...

What a great family reunion! Chloe continues to make me laugh with her "people-hating-antics"! Where did she come from?