Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Faces of Swine Flu

We're dropping like flies at our house. Last week Tyler came home early from school on Wednesday with a fever. By Friday sixteen kids were gone from his class so they invited the remaining six kid's parents to come pick them up. Yep, we've been attacked by the ever-famous media Swine Flu. I write about it lighthearteningly but really it has been nothing but a pain in the bum.
Poor Tyler has had DAYS of doing THIS! First it was a fever for about five days, extreme tiredness, then a cough, and sniffy nose, and then super achy joints and muscles. This kid is dying to return to school. It is his birthday tomorrow and who wants to be sick on your birthday?!!
Then Saturday night Chloe woke up around 10 pm with a 103.6 degree temperature. ALL NIGHT long she tossed and turned in our bed only getting a few minutes of sleep throughout the night. Monday morning we were able to get her into the doctor's office and get a prescription for TamiFlu. I can tell already that she is doing so much better, which is so nice to know that she will not suffer as long as Tyler has had to.

Yesterday morning I woke up with the aches and pains, fever, and cough. Am I ever grateful that there was enough TamiFlu for me too! It seems to be a treasured drug around here.

When the kids came home from school they were all sad to see me in bed. Alysee took one look at me in bed and started crying while saying, "Now who is going to take care of us if you die." I thought that was very sweet to know that she cared so much for me. --at least I'm good for something.--

By 4 pm I had Nate in my bed sleeping, coughing, and with a fever. By 5:30 pm Coop was saying he wasn't feeling well either (though we couldn't be for sure since he was quite eager for a dose of his favorite Tylenol). He was up during the night with a fever, though.

I haven't heard back from the doctor yet to see if we can pick up some TamiFlu for the newest sickies but I'm sure hoping they say, "yes."

Meanwhile all my mind can think of is how we need to get healthy TODAY!!! Birch and I are scheduled to head out on a most anticipated trip in two weeks. We all need to be healthy to make that possible; plus I am really looking forward to the visit with my mom, sister Emily, and niece Sage before our departure.

I'm grateful for Alex who whipped us up a big pot of ramen noodles for dinner last night, Birch who entertained the kids for the evening so I could go hide in bed, priesthood power, relaxing music, my comfy bed, and a stocked refrigerator.


Mary Jane said...

I am so sorry! Don's down today too, but we hope it isn't the flu. We're supposed to go to Chicago tomorrow.

Mama Nirvana said...

You poor thing! Alysee's comment had me laughing. She's so observant :) Just think of all of the amazing immunities you guys are building, and when we talked you did say you wanted to get it sooner rather than later. I know you'll be feeling much better before your trip.


Annie Ditto said...

Sorry Sara!! Wish you could've been in the Swine Flu Study too! Not only did the kids get vaccinated, but the cash was nice too :) GET BETTER!!

Ditto Family said...

I hope you get better soon and then relax on the beaches of Hawaii. You DESERVE, alex

kg said...

Get well wishes sent your way...those beaches are calling!!

emily a. said...

When I was talking to mom today she said you all had the swine flu. I thought she was kidding at first. Are you kidding me? I'm feeling a bit nervous now. Sage hasn't even had her normal flu vaccination yet. I'll call you tomorrow.

Oh, and Alex's comment was so cute.

Fowler family said...

oh wow! You all had swine flu! What a nightmare. Glad it is long gone and you all are better and the Hawaii trip still went as planned.